Electronics and communication engineering (EC) GATE-(Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) previous 18 year papers

GATE Previous Question Papers in .pdf format Easy to download.

just click on the title link below. Download start automatically

EC 2009 GATE Paper

EC 2008 GATE Paper

EC 2007 GATE Paper

EC 2006 GATE Paper

EC 2005 GATE Paper

EC 2004 GATE Paper

EC 2003 GATE Paper

EC 2002 GATE Paper

EC 2001 GATE Paper

EC 2000 GATE Paper

EC 1999 GATE Paper

EC 1998 GATE Paper

EC 1997 GATE Paper

EC 1996 GATE Paper

EC 1995 GATE Paper

EC 1994 GATE Paper

EC 1993 GATE Paper

EC 1992 GATE Paper


  1. There are no answer keys for the EC 18 years Previous Papers .Please link the answer keys also.
    Not only But all previous keys.

  2. i m vry happy 2 find all d ques papers here but plz do mail me the key for gate nd cat question papers…plzzzzzzz..i really need dat

  3. hii
    this paper will help me on gate exam but i need solution of this so plz plz try to send the solution of this paper

  4. i am very happy to find gate ece previous papers
    and please provide answer keys for these papers

  5. it was really good of u to upload all the question papers of ECE…could u please post the answer keys to these GATE papers….that would be really nice

  6. hii..im very happy to find the previous question papers..and could u please provide the key for these papers..?

  7. hi,
    Its very nice to find all the previous question papers here.
    I need key for the papers of Electronics & Communication Engg.
    may i be provided with the key of those question papers?

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