Just a few days to go for the IIT-JEE. Culmination of years of your preparation and hard work to realize, which for many is, the ultimate dream. To help you in these last few days, we bring to you 7golden tips and suggestions which would help you to get the maximum out of your efforts .

Just Revise. This time is to be fully devoted to revision, it’s too late now to start studying new topics and build fundamentals.

Reinforce your strengths. Put in your efforts to build and reinforce your strengths to ensure that you get maximum benefit out of these and do not get bogged down with the areas you are weak in. Now is not the time to turn your weaknesses into strengths but strengths into perfection.

Time to practice. Now you should be largely attempting previous year papers and full length tests. Practice as much as you can. Analyze each attempt with respect to time management, speed, accuracy, strengths, and weaknesses and build your test taking strategy.

Tune your body clock. Get your body clock tuned in now, so that you are at your maximum alertness and efficiency during the hours of the day when the JEE is scheduled. Get your sleep, 7-8 hours are needed in the night, study during daytime and evening hours.

Exam strategy. Though each of you would have by now practiced and formulated a strategy as to how you are going to attempt the JEE papers. We suggest one approach i.e. do not spend more than 1 hour on any subject. Usually mathematics needs more time, we suggest that you attack physics and chemistry papers first keeping in mind the 1 hour each limit and then attempt mathematics. Any time gained in physics and chemistry gets added to the 1 hour for mathematics portion. But in the end take your call on this.

Visualize it all going right. Be positive, imagine yourself taking the test and feeling confident that you know all the information. Picture getting all of the answers right, and focus on how relaxed you feel. In last few weeks, most important factors are winning attitude, confidence and cool headedness.

Remember it’s only an Examination. Though you must be passionate about your goal of getting into an IIT but remember there are many other opportunities, out of nearly 300000 aspirants only 4000 can get there, so work hard, give it your best shot but have alternative plans in place.

Good Luck !


2 thoughts on “7 TIPS TO CRACK IITJEE EXAM

  1. I m preparing for iit-jee 2011.So many people gives me tips to crack iit-jee.but instead of helping me it arouses my nervousnes. nothing is helping me.plz show me the way.

  2. I m in class xi preparing for iit jee 2012, here in resonance i usually get 200 marks only which could not bring a good rank. I need to reach atleast 275 marks to inhance my chances in jee. My problem is that i m not giving even 3 hrs for self study……I waste most of my time sleeping 8 to 9 hrs….Help me to increase my efficiency so that i would be selected in IITJEE 2012 🙂

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