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AAI Syllabus and Question Paper Pattern ::

AAI Selection for Junior Executive ATC,Electronics  shall be made on the basis of Written Test followed by Interview.And at the time of Interview Voice test will be conducted for Jr. Executive (ATC).

And the syllabus of AAI ATC,Electronics can be found from the below link ::


From the below links you can find the AAI Junior Executive ATC,Electronics Previous Solved Question Papers


Here are some of the important questions on RADAR Engineering Subject,which might help you in your preparation of AAI Junior Executives ATC,Electronics  written Test.

AAI ATC,Electronics Study Material ::

1) Radar is a contraction of word ________ .
2) Radar range is measure in ______ unit.
3) What do you mean by second time around echoes.
4) What do you mean by maximum unambiguous range.
5) What is pulse repetition frequency?
6) What is minimum detectable signal.
7) Which factor affects the maximum radar range.
8) Frequency bands for radar system is _____ .
9) What do you mean by false alarm.
10) What is radar cross section of target.

11) MTI stands for ____ .
12) What do you mean by coherent signal.
13) What do you mean by non coherent signal.
14) What is function of delay line canceller.
15) What is function of phase detector.
16) Why output of MTI stage is bipolar
17) What is function of Tracking radar.
18) Which are the different methods for generating error signal in Tracking radar.
19) Explain function of COHO & STALO in MTI radar.
20) Explain function of duplexer.

21) What is Klystron.
22) Which are the different types of klystron.
23) What is the use of klystron.
24) What do you mean by mode.
25) What is the condition for maximum amplification in klystron.
26) How much is the efficiency of reflex klystron.
27) How much is the efficiency of magnetron.
28) Why magnetron is called cross field device.
29) Which mode is used for oscillation in magnetron.
30) How R. F. field is generated in magnetron.

31) What do you mean by Directivity.
32) What is power gain.
33) What is Effective aperture area
34) What is effective length.
35) What is aperture efficiency.
36) What is radiation resistance.
37) What do you mean by efficiency.
38) What is radiation intensity.
39) Which are the different feeds for paraboloids.
40) Which are the different types of lens antennas.

41) What is the function of radar receiver.
42) What do you mean by noise figure.
43) First stage of radar receiver is _____ .
44) What is the function of mixer.
45) What is the function of duplexer.
46) Which are the different types of duplexers.
47) What is the function of display unit.
48) Which are the important parameters of mixer.
49) What is conversion loss.
50) What is low noise temperature loss.
51) what do you mean by clutter.
52) Which are the different types of clutters.
53) What do you mean by radar cross section .
54) What do you mean by surface clutter.
55) What is angel echoes.
56) What is sea clutter.
57) What is function of synthetic aperture radar
58) What is the function of HF over horizon radar.
59) What is use of synthetic aperture radar.
60) What is use of Hf over horizon radar.


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