APGENCO AE Electronics/Electrical Study Material

                                                                                                        APGENCO & APTRANSCO AE STUDY MATERIAL
Hi Friends, as Tentative Date of APGENCO Assistant Engineer Electronics/Electrical written examination is coming shortly ,we are trying to help you out in your preparation by  providing you the model questions  & commonly asked Electronics & Electrical questions in various APGENCO AE examinations. As their is shortage of time for preparation it may not be possible for you to go through various topics & a lot many text books.Keeping this in view we are trying from our side to help you by collecting these below given questions (categorized according to the topic/subject they belong to).These questions are collected from various government exam question papers & GATE papers ::
Draw the network in Table A given above.  Based on the network you have just drawn, answer the following questions: 
1. Use the T matrix for the network in Table A, to find the total number of ways of reaching each point in the   network from the most accessible node in three steps or less.  
A. 9         B. 16           C. 21        D. 28 
Ans :: C
2. By inspecting the graph or matrices carefully, determine the minimum number of steps needed to go from each   point in the network to all other points in the network:  
A. 31         B. 32           C. 33           D. 34 
Ans :: B3.  According to the information given in table 1, what is the minimum number of steps necessary in moving from node 3 to node 1?
A.  0        B.  1         C.  2          D.  3          E.  4
Ans :: C
5.  The smallest number of edges that are needed to connect an undirected network, whether planar or non-planar is:   
A. e   =  V(V-1)       B. e   =  (V-1)          C. e   =  3(V-2)          D. e   =  V(2-V)
Ans :: B
6.  Applications of network analysis include:    
A. evaluation of individual link additions or deletions          
B. analysis of a proposed capacity expansion   
C. the use of a routing algorithm to identify the shortest path in a system. 
D. all of the above
Ans :: D
Keep Visiting more objective question and answers on all topics according to the syllabus will be updated soon probably in a couple of hours…….Good Luck…….

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