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APTRANSCO AE Exam Model Question Paper 2012 Telecom Paper


As known  APTRANSCO conducts various examinations every year for recruiting young and dynamic engineers for filling up of various Assistant Engineer,Sub-Engineer,Junior Linemen,Junior Assistant vacancies.And as of now APTRANSCO is recruiting engineers for the post of Assistant Engineers (ELectrical/Telecom) through written test which has scheduled to be held on 29-January-2012.

The Written Test consists of 100 technical questions,these questions depend upon the discipline chosen (Electrical/Telecom) and are to be solved within 120 minutes i.e, duration of the test is 2 hours.

So, as the date of examination is coming shortly here we are attaching APTRANSCO AE Telecom Model Question Paper or can be treated as a mock test to get ready for your actual examination.We advice you to solve the entire paper by analyzing the each and every question along with time management skills.

ANSWERS :: 1.c 2.d 3.c 4.b 5.c 6. b 7.a 8.d 9.c 10.d 11.c 12.b 13.d 14.b 15.b 16.c 17.b 18.b 19.c 20.b 21.a 22.c 23.b 24.d 25.b 26.a 27.c 28.c 29.b 30.d 31.d 32.c 33.d 34.d 35.a 36.d 37.b 38.c 39.b 40.a 41.a 42.b 43.b 44.c 45.c 46.b 47.d 48.b 49.c 50.b 51.a 52.c 53.c 54.b 55.c 56.c 57.d 58.b 59.d 60.b 61.c 62.d 63.d 64.c 65.c 66.d 67.b 68.a 69.c 70.b 71.c 72.a 73.a 74.a 75.b 76.a 77.b 78.a 79.c 80.a 81.b 82.c 83.b 84.b 85.c 86.c 87.c 88.c 89.a 90.a 91.b 92.a 93.d 94.c 95.c 96.a 97.b 98.a 99.a 100.c

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  1. Lk singh says:

    Answer key have many wrong answer like Q.18 give 6 ans but key said 5..lly many other answer are wrong so check answer key

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