Bank Exams Computer Awareness Practice Test Paper-1

Bank Exams Computer Awareness Practice Question Paper,Model Question Paper

1. A terabyte comprises

(a) 1024 gigabyte (b) 1024 kilobyte (c) 1024 megabyte (d) 1024 byte

Answer: a

2. Select the smallest memory size.

(a) Terabyte (b) Gigabyte (c) Kilobyte (d) Megabyte

Answer : c

3.Ctrl,Shift and Alt are called —— Keys?

a) Modifier  b) Function  c) Alphanumeric  4) Adjustment

Answer : a

4. What is the Permanent memory bilt into your computer called?

a) RAM b)ROM  c) CPU d) CD-ROM

Answer : b

5.The memory which is utmost accessible to the processor is

(a) Cache memory (b) RAM (c) Hard disk (d) Flash memory

Answer : (a)

6.CD-ROM is a kind of

(a) Optical disk (b) Magneto-Optical disk (c) Magnetic disk (d) None of these

Answer (C)

7. What type of Device is a Computer Printer ?

a) Input b) Output   c) Software  d) Storage

Answer  :  b

8. To move to the beginning of a line of test. Press ___ Key?

a) Page Up  b) Ctrl     c) Space   d) Enter

Answer : a

9. For Creating a Document you use ___Command at File menu?

a)Open   b)Close   c)New   d) Save

Answer : c

10. The Contents of ___ are lost when the computer turns off?

a) Input  b) Output  c) Memory d) Storage

Answer : c

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