Best Strategies to Score Well in SSC CGL Quant

Best Strategies to Score Well in SSC CGL Quant

Quantitative Aptitude is a scoring and holds an important part in SSC CGL Tier 1 exam and hence it is essential to score good marks in the same to qualify the cut-off of the exam. You need not put much effort in this section if your concepts are clear. You should be able to solve questions quickly without compromising on the accuracy.

The Quantitative Aptitude section tests your mathematical skills and how well a candidate can play with numbers. Thus, getting a good score in this section demands in-depth knowledge of the formulas and also the type of questions asked in the exam. Therefore, consistent practice sessions are what helps students in acing this Quant section of SSC CGL.

Strategies to Score Well in Quantitative Aptitude

The last two years of SSC CGL Tier 1 reveals that in Quantitative Aptitude section, topics like Trigonometry and Data Interpretation hold more weightage than Geometry and Mensuration. But, this year, it is expected that the case will be vice-versa for these topics.  So, you need to prepare well and practice for each topic correctly.

After getting acquainted with the exam pattern and syllabus of the exam, it is also essential to know the important topics of the subject. You should prepare scoring topics in a way that help you in fetching more marks in the final exam.

Let’s consider the number of topics of Quant subject and the number of questions asked from these topics below:

Topic from Quant SSC CGL Tier 1


SSC CGL Tier 1


SSC CGL Tier 1


SSC CGL Tier 1


SSC CGL Tier 1


SSC CGL Tier 1


SSC CGL Tier 1


SSC CGL Tier 1


SSC CGL Tier 1


Data Interpretation 03 04 05 07 05 05 05 04 10
Geometry 03 05 12 09 14 06 3-4 2-3 10
Trigonometry 00


00 09 08 07 09 2-3 2-3 5
Algebra  06 00 05 05 05 04 2-3 2-3 4
Speed & Distance, Work & Time 06 05 02 05 03 03 2-3 01 9
Profit, Loss & Discount 06 14 05 06 07 07 2-3 04 4
Average, Mixture, Allegation 03 03 02 02 02 03 1-2 01 3
SI/CI & Percentage 03 00 02 02 00 04 3-4 3-4 4
Ratio & Proportion 03 03 01 03 01 02 1-2 01 1

From this tabulated form of the weightage of the topics, we can see that the major part of the question is asked from the topics -Geometry and Data Interpretation.

Remember, the SSC CGL Quantitative Aptitude section is scoring but requires hard work, dedication and consistent practice. Thus, follow these strategies and tips for the important topics of Quant section which we have provided below:

  1. Data Interpretation– Clear your concepts related to topics Ratio, Percentage and Average to easily score a maximum of 8 marks by attempting just 3-4 questions. For this chapter, you need to memorize all the formulas and practice an ample amount of questions.
  1. Trigonometry- Start with basics, and you can easily score well in this chapter. You need to mug up 2-3 formulas and solving questions from this topic will become easy for you.
  1. Algebra- For this chapter, you need a lot of practice of the topics such as Simplification of the Polynomials, simplification of fractions and Algebraic Identities.
  1. Profit Loss & Discount– Remember the rules and formulas from this chapter as that will help you in solving the questions from this topic quickly and smoothly. Further, attempt the calculation part carefully to avoid any silly mistake in the same.
  1. Percentage– For this chapter, you need to focus on the basic calculations and approximation value to get the right answer quickly in the final examination. Try to remember tables, squares, cubes, and cubes and square roots for faster calculations.
  1. Geometry-This is one of the important topics in SSC CGL exam. To score well in the Maths subject, you need to practice this topic a lot and should also memorize the properties of Lines, Angles, Polygon, Circle, Quadrilateral.

Mistakes to Avoid While Attempting Quant Section of SSC CGL Exam

  • Not Reading Questions Properly- This is one of the major mistakes that students made while attempting the question paper of Quant. After putting so much effort, you will not get a relevant answer; thus, read the question twice to avoid any mistake.
  • Guess Work- Do not involve yourself in guess work as that can lead you to negative marking in the exam.
  • Risky Shortcuts- It is suggested to avoid risky shortcuts which you have just read once. Solve questions by using methods which you practiced a lot many times in your preparation.

Strategy to score well in Quantitative Aptitude 

  1. Start With Basics- Start a topic by understanding the concept of the same rather than getting yourself involved in learning shortcuts.
  1. Time Management– Learn to balance the time between the topics which you are good with, and which you are weak in. Devote more time to questions in which you are weak.
  1. Learn Shortcuts- For enhancing your speed and accuracy, focus on short cut methods. Remember all the tables, square, cubes etc. for quick calculations.
  1. Solve Previous Year Question Paper- Practice the questions as much as you can. Keep the exam pattern of SSC CGL Tier 1 in mind.

So, at this crucial time, you need to follow all the strategies and well-structured plan to score excellent marks in the exam. Make a habit of regular practice and focus on the important topics of the exam. Practice previous year papers and mock test for enhancing your problem- solving skills and increasing your overall performance.

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