In this article im posting all details regarding the BHEL Supervisor Trainee (ST) jobs.

Many students have their dream to work in a company like BHEL..but some of them are facing problems with the

Job details,How to apply,How to prepare for the exam…so i’m concentrating on these issues to help them towards the success path.


Equivalent Qualifications:

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering:
Candidates possessing the following Diploma qualifications may also apply for Mechanical Engineering posts:
Mechanical Engineering
Power Plant Engineering
Production Engineering
Production and Industrial Engineering
Industrial and Production Engineering
Mechanical Production and Tool Engineering
Thermal Engineering
Production Technology Manufacturing Engineering (NIFFT Ranchi)
Manufacturing Process and Automation
Manufacturing Technology

Diploma in Electrical Engineering :
Candidates possessing the following Diploma qualifications may also apply for Electrical Engineering posts:
Electrical Engg
Electrical & Electronics
Electrical, Instrumentation & Control
High Voltage Engg.
Power Systems & High Voltage Engg
Electrical Machine
Electronics & Power
Power Electronics
Power Plant Engg.

Diploma in Electronics Engineering:   
Candidates possessing the following Diploma qualifications may also apply for Electronics Engineering posts:
Electronics Engg
Electronics & Telecommunication
Electronics & Instrumentation
Electronics & Power
Electronics Design & Technology
Electronics & Biomedical
Applied Electronics
Power Electronics
Electronics & Communication
Electrical & Electronics
Industrial Electronics
Electronics & Control

Diploma in Civil Engineering
Candidates possessing the following Diploma qualifications may also apply for Civil Engineering posts:
Civil Engg.

Job Specifications:

Qualifications :

Full time regular Diploma in Engineering or Technology from a recognised Indian University/ Institute in the disciplines of MECHANICAL/ ELECTRICAL/ ELECTRONICS/ CIVIL with minimum 65% marks in the aggregate of all years/ semesters.(Minimum 60% For SC / ST )

Note: – Aggregate of marks of all years/ semesters in all the above posts, means average of marks/GPA of all the years/ semesters without taking into account the weightage, if any, given to any particular year/ semester by the Institute or University. Elaborate explanation given in FAQ’s.

Upper Age Limit as on 1st August, 2009:

* 27 years (Candidates born before 01-August-1982 are not eligible to apply).

Age Relaxation For Experienced Candidates:

*   Age Relaxation upto 8 Years is extended to the candidates, having working experience in Organisation of repute. Total experience should be of at least 56 months of continuous or intermittent service for availing 8 years of relaxation and on pro-rata basis for less than 8 years of relaxation. Where total service is made up of spells of intermittent / not continuous for at least 20 days, for converting the total number of such days to month, 30 days will be used.

* Candidates claiming age relaxation on account of Experience Should send their Experience Certificate / Proof of having Work Experience along with Acknowledgement Slip.

For Departmental Candidates (BHEL Reqular Employees):

Regular/ Part Time/Correspondence Diploma from recognized Indian University/Institute in Mechanical / Electrical / Electronics / Civil discipline with minimum 55% marks in aggregate of all years/semesters.


All departmental candidates meeting the above job specifications, working in A7 or lower grades in BHEL are eligible to apply. The departmental candidates in A6/ A7 grades, if finally selected, shall be allowed weightage as approved earlier for the previous batches of Supervisor Trainees.

There is no Upper AGE LIMIT for Departmental Candidates.

Consideration of Dependants of Deceased Employees on Compassionate Grounds:

*   Applications are invited from dependants of deceased BHEL employees to be considered for the post of Supervisor Trainee on Compassionate Grounds.

* For this purpose, out of the total 600 vacancies of Supervisor Trainees, 150 vacancies have been earmarked for dependants of the deceased employees of BHEL. Unfilled vacancies, if any, shall later be shifted to open recruitment.

* A deceased employee is one who expired while in service with BHEL. His/her dependants mean his/her spouse & children.

* Candidate can apply under the compassionate ground category only if he/she and none of the other dependants (spouse and children) of deceased employees are employed in Government/ Semi-Govt./ Autonomous body/ PSU/ Organizations listed on the stock exchange.

* Candidates applying under this category will also have to go through the normal procedure of submission of application on-line, payment of fee, sending the acknowledgement slip, written test etc as prescribed for other candidates.

* In addition, candidates applying under this category will have to provide details about the deceased employee of BHEL in on-line application form.

* Further, such candidates will also have to send the self-certificate in the prescribed format (click here) to the effect that he/she or none of his/her family members are employed elsewhere.

* Particulars furnished by such candidates shall be verified from the Unit where the deceased employee last worked. In case the particulars furnished are incorrect/dependants are employed elsewhere, the candidature will not be considered under Compassionate ground category and shall be shifted to open category. Intimation about the same shall also be sent through e-mail to the candidate.

* Such Candidates will be accorded following relaxation in Written Test cut-off marks for being called for interview:

General/ OBC  —->   10% of the cut-off marks
SC/ ST            ——->15% of the cut-off marks
Since all other things are same as prescribed for other candidates, it is requested that candidates applying under this category may thoroughly go through the complete web-site.

Selection Process:

Selection process will consist of Written Test and Personal Interview.

All eligible candidates will be invited for written test at their own expense. The Written Test papers will be objective type in nature and will be bilingual i.e. in Hindi & English. Thereafter, the candidates will be called for personal interview in the ratio of 1:3 to the no. of vacancies in order of merit of written test.

For applying the above ratio, initially, all UR candidates of each discipline of Diploma, alongwith such reserved category candidates of that discipline, who do not avail any relaxation, are to be grouped together and then arranged in descending order of written test marks and candidates shall be called for interview in the ratio of 1: 3 in UR category.

After this, candidates belonging to OBC/SC/ST categories, who are not shortlisted for interview as UR, shall be regrouped with their respective categories for further consideration and candidates will be called for interview in the prescribed ratio.

Later on, at the time of final selection, the same exercise is to be carried out for all those reserved category candidates considered so far under UR category.

Tentative date of Written Test: 06-December-2009 .

Following is the list of Written Test centres. However, BHEL reserves the right to add, change or delete any of the below mentioned Test Centres, at its discretion:

* Banglore
* Bhopal
* Chandigarh
* Chennai
* Delhi
* Haridwar
* Hyderabad
* Kanpur
* Kolkata
* Mumbai
* Nagpur
* Tiruchirappalli
* Varanasi
* Vishakhapatnam

Candidates will have to choose one of the Written Test Centre.The Management reserves the right to change the test centre of the candidate, depending on the no. of candidates.

Written Test Details:

About the Written Test
1.     Written test will consists of 150 multiple choice objective type questions.Test is designed to assess the candidate’s Professional ( Technical) Knowledge of the chosen Engineering Discipline and Higher Aptitude covering arear like Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning Ability, Logical thinking, English usage, General Awareness etc.
1.     Your performance in this written test will determine possibility of further considerations of your candidature.
3.     There is a specific time limit for answering each part. Candidate will have to answer 150 questions in 2 hours .
4.     For each question, a choice of few alternative answers will be given, out of which only one alternative is correct. You have to choose the alternative, you think to be correct and indicate your choice on the answer sheet.
5.     Your admission to this Test is, however, provisional. The candidates are advised to ensure while applying that they fulfill the eligibility criteria and other requirements and that the particulars furnished by them are correct in all respects for the post applied for. Mere appearance at the Test does not entail you to make any claim for the post. You will be treated as debarred ab-initio in case you do not fulfill the essential eligibility criteria.
6.     The Answer Sheet is a special OMR (Optical Mark Reader) sheet.
7.     Every question will carry 1 mark. Negative marking to the extent of 0.2 marks per wrong answer will be there.
8.     a) For answering the Test questions, there will be CIRCLES in the Answer Sheet. The chosen answer is to be indicated by darkening (encoding) one of the CIRCLE fully. Any other method of answering will be taken as incorrect answer.
For Example, If 10x+6=106, then 15X -10 will be
.     (1) 100 (2)140 (3)110 (4)80 (5) None of the above

Since correct answer is option (2), the CIRCLE 2 will have to be darkened (encoded) to fill the space completely like this:

The following are not correct methods of marking:

d) Change / Cutting / Overwriting / Erasing of CIRCLES is NOT permitted.

c) Make marks only in the CIRCLES provided. Please do not make any stray marks on the answer sheet. This will be penalised.

d) Rough work must not be done on the Answer sheet. This will be penalised. You can use the Test Booklet for this purpose.



Directions: In the following question, pick the choice whose meaning is opposite to the word shown in capitals.
1.     HOI POLLOI:
(1) Cannibalism (2) Tyranny (3) The past (4) Aristocracy (5) Capitalist
2.     Which of the following numbers is least?
(1) (1/4)2 (2) 49 (3) 4-9 (4) 42
3.     It costs Rs.4.25 for two adults and their child to attend the Circus. If the child’s ticket is half the price of adult’s ticket, what is the price of an adult’s ticket?
(1) Rs.0.75 (2)Rs. 1.70 (3) Rs.1.75 (4) Rs.1.44
4.     If `a’ is less than 50 and ‘b’ is less than 25, it follows that:
(1) a=2b (2) `a` is greater than b (3) a+b is less than 75 (4) a-b =25 (5) None of these

2. TECHNICAL TEST (for Supervisor Trainees)

1.     When a rectangular beam is loaded transversely, the maximum tensile stress is developed on the
(1) top layer
(2) bottom layer
(3) neutral axis
(4) every cross section
(5) none of these
2.     The velocity at which the laminar flow stops, is known as
(1) velocity of approach
(2) lower critical velocity
(3) higher critical velocity
(4) medium critical velocity
(5) none of these

1.     ) If a hot resistance of an indicator lamp is 50 Ohm and rated current is 0.2A, its rated voltage is
(1) 2V (2) 5V (3) 10V (4) 20V (5) 25V
2.     What resistance must be connected in parallel with one of 8.5 ohm to give an equivalent resistance of 5.1 ohm?
(1) 15.72 ohm (2) 12.75 ohm (3) 17.52 ohm (4) 15.27 ohm (5) None of these

1.     A reflex Klystron function as:
(1) Microwave amplifier (2) Microwave oscillator (3) A high gain cavity (4) both as amplifier and as oscillator (5) None of these
2.     Thermocouple instruments are also known as
(1) R F instruments (2) PMMC instruments (3) Rectifier instruments (4) Digital instruments (5) None of these

1.     Kelvin-Planck’s law deals with
(1) conservation of work (2) conservation of heat (3) conversion of heat into work (4) conversion of work into heat (5) none of these
2.     ) In involute gears, the pressure angle
(1) dependent on the size of teeth (2) dependent on the size of gears (3) always constant (4) always variable (5) none of these

1(4) 2.(3) 3.(2) 4.(3)
1.     CIVIL ENGG. 1. (1) 2. (2)
2.     ELECTRICAL ENGG. 1. (3) 2. (2)
3.     ELECTRONICS ENGG. 1. (2) 2. (3)
4.     MECHANICAL ENGG. 1. (3) 2. (3)
The tests have been designed to determine whether you have a sound knowledge of your subject. You are, therefore, advised to revise all the sections of your course syllabus in order to prepare adequately for the test.

Emoluments and Service Bond

The Selected Candidates will be placed on training for one year. During training, basic pay of Rs.5600/- in the scale of pay of Rs.5600-150-8600/- will be paid. After successful completion of training, the trainees will be absorbed as Assistant Engineer Grade III in the same scale of pay with basic pay fixed at next higher stage

For the above posts, besides the Basic Pay, Industrial Dearness Allowance and all other Allowances and benefits as admissible under Company Rules in force from time-to-time will be payable during training/after absorption.

The average total CTC of Supervisor Trainee is around Rs. 3.0 Lakhs/annum.

The Pay Scales mentioned above are due for revision retrospectively with effect from 01.01.2007.
Service Agreement Bond

Selected candidates will have to execute a service agreement bond of Rs.50,000/- (Rupees fifty thousand only) to serve the Company (or any Government department or undertaking at the discretion of the Company) for a period of three years after successful completion of training.

Candidates will also be required to furnish a Surety Bond to be executed by parents/guardian/reliable surety.

Medical Fitness

Applicants should have sound health. Before joining, selected candidates will have to undergo medical examination by the Company’s Authorised Medical Officer and the appointment will be subject to meeting the health standards prescribed by the Company. (BHEL’s Medical Examination Rules)
The definition of Locomotor Disability and Hearing Impairment, for reservation in number of vacancies in BHEL, for Physically Challenged candidates under ‘The Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995’, are as under :
Locomotor Disability – minimum 40% of physical defect or deformity which causes an interference with the normal functioning of the bones, muscles and joint.
Hearing Impairment– loss of sixty decibels or more in the better ear in the conversational range of frequencies.
The Ph.Ch. candidates are required to furnish duly stamped Medical Certificate in relation to their disability from Government Hospital or Medical Board attached to Special Employment Exchange for the handicap.

General instructions:

1) The candidates are advised to ensure while applying that they fulfill the eligibility criteria and other requirements and that the particulars furnished by them are correct in all respects.
In case it is detected at any stage of recruitment process that the candidate does not fulfill the eligibility criteria and/or does not comply with other requirements and/or he/she has furnished any incorrect/false information or has suppressed any material fact(s), his/her candidature is liable to be rejected.
If any of the above shortcomings is/are detected, even after appointment, his/her services are liable to be terminated without any notice.
2) Candidates belonging to OBC category but not covered under ‘Non-Creamy Layer’ are not entitled to OBC reservation. As such, they should indicate their category as ‘GENERAL’.
3) Candidates are advised to possess a valid e-mail ID, which is to be entered in the on-line Application Form.They are also advised to retain this e-mail ID active for at least next One Year as any important intimation to the candidates shall be provided by BHEL through e-mail.
4)Candidates are advised to be cautious while filling the application form on-line about accuracy and correctness of the information.
They may cross-check the information furnished in the application form before finally submitting the same as no correction would be possible later.
In case candidates are desirous of changing any detail in their application form, they are required to submit a fresh application with the necessary correction. The acknowledgement slip for this fresh application may be printed and sent to us along with required challan copy and certificates ( If applicable).
5)  BHEL reserves the right to cancel/ restrict/ enlarge the recruitment process, if the need so arises, without issuing any further notice or assigning any reason therefore.
6)  Selected candidates can be posted to any of the Units/ Divisions/ Project Sites etc. of BHEL.
7)    Any legal proceedings in respect of any matter of claim or dispute arising out of this recruitment and/ or an application in response thereto can be instituted only in Delhi and Courts/ Tribunals/ Forums at Delhi only shall have sole and exclusive jurisdiction to try any such cause/ dispute.
8)     Candidates presently employed in Central/ State Government, Autonomous bodies, PSUs may apply through ‘Proper channel’ or submit ‘No-Objection Certificate’ at the time of interview from their employer, if they qualify upto the stage of interview.
9)     Departmental Candidates (BHEL Employees) should send their application through their HR department.
10)     Dependants of deceased BHEL employees may refer to Compassionate Consideration link for all relevant details
Note : The candidates shortlisted for interviews after Written Test shall be required to produce following documents for verification at the time of Interview .

1. Tenth Class (High School) Certificate as DOB proof

2. Engineering Diploma Certificate & Mark Sheets of all years/semesters.

3. Experience Certificate, if claiming age relaxation.

4. SC/ST Certificate, if applicable. Download Govt. prescribed format.

5. Certificate of domicile of J&K during the period from 1.1.1980 to 31.12.1989, if applicable.

6. Latest Physically Challenged Certificate, if applicable.

7. Ex-serviceman certificate, if applicable.

8. OBC (Non-Creamy Layer) certificate, if applicable. Download Govt. prescribed format.

* The OBC candidates who do not belong to the Non-Creamy Layer, they should submit their application under General Category only.
* Self Undertaking in the format (Download prescribed format) for OBC (‘Non-Creamy Layer Status).

So, you are advised in advance to ensure having the above documents in original.

How To Apply

All Candidates may have a prior look at the complete application form and ensure that all the required details are available with them before filling up the online application form.

STEP 1: For General Candidates / OBC (Non-Creamy Layer) Candidates

Note: SC/ST and Physically challenged candidates are exempted from payment of fee.

Download the Triplicate SBI Challan copy (Click here). and fill the required details.

* The challan has three parts: An Applicant’s copy
* BHEL copy
* Bank copy

After filling the details in the above challan, it has to be deposited with the fee of Rs. 300/- at any of the SBI branches all over the country.

It may be ensured that the Banker’s Seal / Signature of the signing authority are available on the challan.

On deposit of fee through challan, SBI will allot a unique Journal no. which is to mentioned in the on-line application form.

STEP 2: (For all candidates)

All eligible candidates are required to fill in the ONLINE application form and submit the same.

*   Before online submission, Gen/OBC candidates should have paid the fees and should have the Journal No. given by the Bank as the same would be required to be filled in application form.

* SC / ST, OBC, Physically Challenged, J&K Domiciled candidates and Ex-Servicemen should carefully fill up the respective columns, since these details will not be allowed to be changed later and they will have to send their valid category certificates along with acknowledgement slip.

STEP 3: (For all candidates)

After submitting the application ONLINE, a unique Acknowledgement Number will be allotted to the candidate and he/she will then be required to download two copies of the acknowledgement slip.

* After downloading the acknowledgement slip, following documents are to be sent: Acknowledgement Slip, duly signed by the applicant and with his/her recent photograph pasted on the slip
* BHEL Challan copy
* Category certificates
* Experience Certificate (if claiming age-relaxation)
* Self-certificate by Dependant of Deceased Employee (if applicable)

to the following address:

Supervisor Trainee Recruitment Cell
HRM Department, Building 24
BHEL, Tiruchirappalli-620014

The candidate should necessarily super scribe the Envelope containing the above documents, position applied i.e. ‘Supervisor Trainee’ and the discipline applied for e.g. ‘Mechanical’ .

*   Last date of receipt of Acknowledgement Slip and documents – 28th September, 2009.
* Candidates residing in Far flung areas, last date – 5th October, 2009.

*   BHEL is not responsible for any postal delays in receipt of applications.

* Far Flung areas: defined for candidates residing in Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland, Tripura, Sikkim, Jammu & Kashmir, Lahaul & Spiti District and Pangi Sub-Division of Chamba District of Himachal Pradesh, Andaman & Nicobar Islands or Lakshadweep or abroad.

* If documents are submitted by hand or ‘Through Courier Service’, the benefit of extended time will not be available regardless of the place of residence of applicant. While sending the Ack. Slip, such candidates should positively super-scribe on the envelope “Candidate from __________ (Name of the State) State”.

* Departmental Candidates (BHEL Employees) should send their application through their HR department.

* Candidates presently employed in Central/ State Government, Autonomous bodies, PSUs may apply through ‘Proper channel’ or submit ‘No-Objection Certificate’ at the time of interview from their employer, if they qualify upto the stage of interview.

* The candidates are advised to retain a copy of acknowledgement slip and challan copy for their future reference.




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  3. sir am studyn in ind &production engg in 3 rd year ……… so after completion of my degree i want to join the B H E L so i dnt know the initial preperation for the exams which were conducted in bhel so please give me the instruction for preperation of about ma syllabus nd also what is the eligibilility for conductng the exams?

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