CBSE/Sc.Exh./Cons./2010                                                                Dated: 21.04.2010

Subject: Organisation of CBSE Science Exhibition 2010

Besides creating scientific literacy, key expectations  from teaching-learning of science at school stage include developing questioning and enquiring skills, acquiring process skills, developing problem-solving and decision-making skills and promoting scientific temper in the learners and helping them to understand and appreciate  close inter-relationship between Science, Technology and society. This demands interactive, participatory, hands-on, innovative and creative learning experiences to be provided to them.

The Board has initiated many steps in the recent past to provide such experiences. One such step refers to organisation of Science Exhibitions at Regional and National levels. The event is aimed at providing a common platform to schools, teachers and students to given shape to their creative and innovative ideas. Based on the past experience of enthusiastic response from schools, it has again been  decided to organize the Science exhibitions for the year 2010-2011. These exhibitions are likely to be organized at Regional level in the month of July/August and at National level in the month of

The main theme and sub-themes for this year’s Science Exhibition are:

Main Theme: Science, Technology and Society


•  Climate change-Causes and Consequences
•  Green Energy
•  Biology in Human welfare
•  Information and Communication Technology
•  Mathematics and Everyday life
•  Science and Technology in Games and sports

The following key aspects of the exhibition may be kept in mind for participation:

(i) Any participating school can prepare a maximum of  two exhibits/projects/models.
(ii) The Participating school/team will have to  bear all expenses related to participation in the exhibition.

(iii) The exhibit/model may be either
(i)  a working model or
(ii) An investigation-based project
(iv) The school team may be represented by a maximum of  two students per exhibit and one escort Science Teacher.
(v) The exhibit/project may include

•  A working model to explain a concept, principle or a process
•  An indigenous design of  a machine/device
•  An innovative/inexpensive design or technique.
•  Application of basic  principles of Science/technology
•  Scheme/design of a device or machine to reduce the production cost
•  Investigation-based study

(vi) The request for participation alongwith the enclosed  registration form and fee is to be sent directly to the respective regional officer.  
(vii) The schools in Delhi region may send it to  Regional Officer,  Central Board  of Secondary Education,  PS 1-2, Institutional Area, I.P. Extension, Patparganj, Delhi-110 092.
(viii) Irrespective of the number of exhibits, every participating school will pay a participation fee of Rs.400/-. This payment should be made in the form of a demand draft in favour of Regional Officer, CBSE payable at respective regional office city.
(ix) The last date for registration for participation in the event is June 15, 2010.
(x) The first stage of exhibition will be held at two different venues in every region. However, if the number of participating schools  from a particular region is very large, the number of venues may be increased to three.
(xi) The selected best fifteen exhibits/ schools at every regional level venue will be eligible to participate in the National level exhibition.
(xii) The exhibits/projects will be  evaluated  by the experts as per the following criteria:

•  Creativity and imagination    20%
•  Originality and innovativeness    15%
•  Scientific thought/principle/approach   15%
•  Technical skill/workmanship    15%
•  Utility/educational value     15%
•  Economic aspect, portability, durability   10%
•  Presentation-Explanation and demonstration  10%

(xiii) The actual dates for the regional level exhibition will be communicated to every school  individually as well as through CBSE website by  July 10, 2010.
(xiv) A brief  write-up about the main theme and sub-theme is enclosed for reference. The participating schools may prepare the exhibits/projects on any one of the sub-themes satisfying one or more of the stated parameters.

(xv) Greater emphasis may be given to  investigation based innovative projects to kindle curiosity, originality and creativity in the students.
(xvi) Attractive awards/cash prizes are given to exhibits/students who are among the best twenty models at the national level.

The above information may be brought to the notice of all concerned, particularly the science faculty in the school and the students. The  request for participation alongwith enclosed registration form, registration fee and other details may be sent to respective  Regional Officers before due date. For any other information in this regard, you may contact at [email protected] or  [email protected] .

You may also send any specific suggestions or observations in this regard to the undersigned at the above e-mail address.



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