DHE Orissa +2 Junior Colleges e-Admission 2011 Apply Online CAF

Department of Higher Education,Orissa e-Admission for +2 Junior Colleges 2011-2012 Started.Candidates need to Apply Online using Common Application Form CAF for Admissions into Junior Colleges.

Click Here for Apply Online Common Application Form CAF

Click Here to Edit CAF

+2 Admission Students need to fill the CAF and Submit it to the nearest SAMS College,Candidate can apply a maximum of 6 Colleges.

+2 Admissions Key Dates :

10th Results Published Date of BSE Orissa 25-06-2011
Last Date for Applying On-line at www.dheorissa.in 09-07-2011

12.00 midnight

Last Date of Submission of On-line Applied CAF at any 377 SAMS Resource Center SRC 11-07-2011

5.00 p.m

On-line CAF Validation by SRCs in e-space 14-07-2011

5.00 p.m

Publication of First Selection List 22-07-2011

11.00 a.m

Admission of First Selection Applicants 29-07-2011 to 03-08-2011
1st Selection Admission Data updation e-space by college 04-08-2011

5.00 p.m

Publication of Second Selection List 07-08-2011

11.00 a.m

Admission of Second Selection Applicants 12-08-2011 to 13-08-2011
2nd Selection Admission Data updation e-space by college 14-08-2011

5.00 p.m

Publication of ST/SC Extension Seat Selection List 17-08-2011

11.00 a.m

Admission of ST/SC Extension Seat 18-08-2011
ST & SC Admission Data Updation e-space 18-08-2011

5.00 p.m

Publication of list for admission to Balance Seat (Spot) 20-08-2011

11.00 a.m

Registration for Balance Seat (Spot) Admission at respective Colleges 22-08-2011

02.00 p.m

Publication of Merit List for Balance Seat (Spot) Admission (College Notice Board) 22-08-2011
Admission to Balance Seat (Spot) 23-08-2011
Balance Seat Admission data updation in e-space 24-08-2011

5.00 p.m

Classes Starts for 1st year students in all Junior Colleges 25-08-2011
Vacant Seat Admission after spot admission (within 7 days from Spot admission date) 29-08-2011
Admission for the Applicant Passing Supplementary,Instant Examination 20 Days from the Date of Instant Result Publication


  1. I have download the CAF from a computer centre, but my ignorence I have not submitted it any SAMS centre. Please advice me ,what can I now.

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