Download IES (Indian Engineering Services)- CIVIL ENGINEERING Previous Question papers from 2000 to 2008.

click on the below links to download IES Question Papers. Download starts automatically. All files are in pdf format.

IES-OBJ-Civil Engineering-2000 Paper-I

IES-OBJ-Civil Engineering-2000 Paper-II

IES-OBJ-Civil Engineering-2001 Paper-I

IES-OBJ-Civil Engineering-2001 Paper-II

IES-OBJ-Civil Engineering-2002 Paper-I

IES-OBJ-Civil Engineering-2002 Paper-II

IES-OBJ-Civil Engineering-2003 Paper-I

IES-OBJ-Civil Engineering-2003 Paper-II

IES-OBJ-Civil Engineering-2004 Paper-I

IES-OBJ-Civil Engineering-2004 Paper-II

IES-OBJ-Civil Engineering-2005 Paper-I

IES-OBJ-Civil Engineering-2005 Paper-II

IES-OBJ-Civil Engineering-2006 Paper-I

IES-OBJ-Civil Engineering-2006 Paper-II

IES-OBJ-Civil Engineering-2007 Paper-I

IES-OBJ-Civil Engineering-2007 Paper-II

IES-OBJ-Civil Engineering-2008 Paper-I

IES-OBJ-Civil Engineering-2008 Paper-II



  1. sir plz send me IES civil eng paper of obj and conventional paper from 1995 to 2015 to my mail id

  2. sir please send the ies 1995 t0 2015 civil engineering objective and conventional solutions to my email id

  3. Sir, can u send me the solution of objective and conventional IES civil engineering papers from 2000 to 2010 ? It will be very much helpful for me

  4. sir plz send ies civil engg objective and convectional question paper from 2000 to 2015 to my mail id

  5. sir
    please send me the conventional papers from 2000 onwards

  6. Sir plz send me all papers (solved & unsolved) till 2015 on my mail….
    Nd tell me about better atudy material nd coaching centers for preparation of ies….

  7. sir will u plz snd me all previous qus paper of IES civil of obj and conventional papers on my mail. n hw can i study for it?

  8. sir please snd me ies solved paper from 1995 to 2014 on my email id…..
    both obj and conv…

  9. sir plz send me IES civil eng paper of obj and conventional paper from 1995 to 2008 to my mail id

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