Download JNTU M.TECH 1-semester MICROPROCESSORS & MICRO CONTROLLERS MARCH-2008 Exam Question Paper

Code.No: 52103/MT

M.Tech. I-Semester Regular Examinations, March-2008.

(Common to Power Electronics & Electric Drives, Power System
Control & Automation, Electrical Power Systems,  Power &
Industrial Drives, Electrical Power Engineering, Power Engineering
& Energy Systems and Power Systems (High Voltage))

Time: 3 hours        Max. Marks: 60

Answer any FIVE questions
All questions carry equal marks.

1.a)  Explain the various addressing modes of 8086 processor with
suitable examples.
b)  Explain the Register organization of 8086 processor.

2.  Explain the pin diagram of 8086 processor with the description of
the function of all the pins.

3.a)  Explain the Interrupt cycle of 8086 processor.
b)  Define a MACRO.  What are the salient features of MACROs.

4.a)  Draw a neat block diagram of 80386 processor.
b)  Explain the register organization of 80386.
5.a)  What are the various steps involved in ADC interfacing?
b)  Interface ADC 0808 with 8086 using 8255 ports. Use port A of 8255 for transferring digital data output of ADC to the CPU and port C for control signals. Assume that an analog input is present at I/P2  of ADC and a clock input of suitable frequency is available for ADC.  Draw the schematic and write required ALP.

6.  Explain various operating modes of 8259 PIC.

7.  Explain the memory and I/O interfacing of 8051 controller.

8.a)  Write a program to get the BCD addition of two numbers for it be executed on 8051 controller.
b)  Explain the interrupt structure and priorities of interrupts in 8051.


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