Download JNTU M.TECH 1-semester MICROPROCESSORS & MICRO CONTROLLERS March-2009 Exam Question Paper

Code No. A6404
M.TECH. I Semester Regular Examinations March – 2009
(Common to Power Electronics & Electric Drives, Electrical Power
Systems, Electrical Power Engineering, Power Engineering & Energy
Systems and Power systems (High Voltage))

Time: 3 hours        Max. Marks. 60

Answer any Five questions
All questions carry equal marks

1.a)  Draw the block diagram of 8086 and explain the function of each
b)  Discuss about Multiplexing in 8086 microprocessor.

2.a)  Describe the following addressing modes with some examples.
i) Indexed addressing with displacement  ii) I/O port addressing
b)  Explain the meaning of the following 8086 insturctions.
i) MOV [3845H], BX    ii) ADD AX, [SI]
iv) MOV BX, 2956H    iv} ADC AX, BX

3.a)  Explain the stack structure of 8086.
b)  Explain the following interrupts
i) NMI        ii) INTR

4.a)  What are the salient features of 80486 processor. Explain its
architecture with a neat block diagram.
b)  Explain briefly about DMA data transfer method.
5.a)  Write the BSR control word to set bit 3 of port C and also write the
BSR control word to reset bit 3 of port C. Introduce a 1m sec delay
between set and reset of bit 3 of port C.
b)  Explain the importance of 8259 interrupt controller and explain
how does it handle the interrupt.

6.a)  With a neat sketch explain 8237 DMS controller and its operation?
b)  With the help of basic cell explain SRAM and DRAM?

7.a)  Discuss the addressing modes available in 8051 with an example
to each mode.
b)  Discuss the function of TCON and TMOD special function

8. Give the complete block schematic of an 8051 based system having
following specifications:
a) 64 KB program memory b) 64  KB data memory
c) Make use of 16 K x 8-bit memory chips and 74LS138 decoders
d) Indicate clearly the address selected for the memory chips.


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