Download JNTU M.TECH 1-semester MICROPROCESSORS & MICRO CONTROLLERS September-2009 Exam Question Paper

Code No: A5403

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad
M.Tech  I-Semester Supplementary Examinations September-2009
Common to Power Electronics & Electric Drives, Electrical Power Systems,
Electrical Power Engineering , Power Engineering & Energy Systems and Power
Systems (High Voltage)
Time : 3 Hours       Max.Marks: 60
Answer Any Five Questions
All Questions Carry Equal Marks

1.a] Describe the flap register of 8086 and explain with examples how the different
conditional flaps will be set or reset.
b] Explain the different addressing modes of 8086.

2.a] Draw and explain the pin diagram of 8086.
b] Distinguish between maximum and minimum modes of operation of 8086.

3.a] What are the advantages of memory segmentation.
b] Explain ISR with suitable example.

4.a] Describe the 80386 memory system and explain the purpose and operation of the
bank selection signals.
b] Define the purpose of 80386 debug registers.
5.a] Discuss about interfacing of ADC & DAC to a microprocessor.
b] With a neat sketch, explain how DRAM is interfaced.

6.a] What is a programmable interval timer? Explain its various modes of operation.
b] With a neat sketch, explain the operation of 8259A.

7.a] Draw and discuss the internal architecture of 8051.
b] Explain how the internal memory is organized in 8051.

8.a] Explain the different types of interrupts & their priorities in 8051.
b] Draw and explain the various instruction formats.


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