Download JNTU M.TECH 1-semester WEB TECHNOLOGIES March–2009 Exam Question Paper

Code No. A2504
M. Tech. I Semester Regular Examinations, March – 2009
(Common to Software Engineering, Information Technology, Parallel
Computing and Computer Network & Information Security)
Time: 3 hours        Max. Marks.60
Answer any Five questions
All questions carry equal marks

1.a)  Write HTML code that displays a tic-tac-toe table with player X winning. Use
<h3> to mark up both Xs and Os. Center the letter in each cell horizontally. Title
the game using an <h2> tag. The title should span all three columns. Set the table
border to 1.
b)  Define Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). Write a CSS rule that gives all h1 and h2
elements a padding of 0.5 ems, a grooved border style and a margin of  0.5ems.

2.a)  Write a Javascript which accepts a text, then prints the count of number of
characters, words and lines in the text.
b)  Explain the advantages of DHTML with javascript with suitable examples.

3.a)  Describe in detail about the Document Object Model.
b)  Compare and contrast DOM and SAX.

4.a)  With a suitable example explain the significance of Java Beans.
b)  Explain  the Enterprise  Java Beans technology and its importance on developing
the server-side architecture.
5.a)  What is a java servlet? Explain with a neat illustration the lift cycle of a servlet.
Also clearly give the characteristics of a servlet.
b)  Explain how security issued are handled for the web servers with examples.

6.a)  Explain how JSP processing is handled. Also show how JSP are better than
b)  Compare and contrast cookies and sessions with suitable examples.

7.a)  Show how a database is accessible from a JSP page that is created.
b)  Explain clearly how a Java bean is deployed in a JSP page with an example.

8.  Write short notes on the following:
a) HTML Frames           b) HTML vs DHTML
c) Advantages of Java beans      d) Tomcat server features.


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