Download JNTU M.TECH 1-semester WEB TECHNOLOGIES September-2009 Exam Question Paper

Code No: A2504

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad
M. Tech  I-Semester Supplementary Examinations September-2009
(Common to Software Engineering, Information Technology, Parallel Computing
and Computer networks & Information Security)
Time : 3 Hours       Max. Marks: 60
Answer Any Five Questions
All Questions Carry Equal Marks


1.a] How will you create hyperlinks in web documents? Discuss on different attributes
of creating a hyperlink.
b] What is the importance of <pre> tag.
c] List the properties of form elements and the methods of form elements.

2.a] Write a script to count the number of characters entered by a user in a textbox and
limit it to a particular number.
b] Write a program to create a web page with scrolling text.

3.a] What are the benefits and drawbacks of using XML namespaces.
b] What are the various contents of an element in a DTD.

4.a] Describe the different types of properties used in Java Beams with an example.
b] Explain about Introspection.
5.a] Write a session tracker that tracks the number of accesses and last access data of a
particular web page.
b] What are the packages that support servers. Explain in detail.

6. Describe the Anatomy of a JSP page.

7. Explain the sharing of data between JSP pages, Requests and Users.

8.a] Explain the steps involved in Database programming.
b] Describe the characteristics of a frame work.


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