Download JNTU M.TECH 2-Semester DESIGN SYNTHESIS JULY/AUG-2006 Exam Question Paper

Code No: 53203/MT
M.Tech. II-Semester Examinations, July/August-2006.
(Machine Design)
Time: 3 hours       Max. Marks: 60

Answer any FIVE questions
All questions carry equal marks

– – –
1.a) Explain the need analysis.
b) Explain various product characteristics that required for product

2.a) Explain the significance of interchangeability.
b) Explain design for uniform strength.

3.a) Briefly explain the guidelines for machining while designing a
b) Explain the methodology adopted while designing for assembly and

4.a) Explain cost reducing modifications adopted in design to reduce
product cost.
b) Explain various types of displays with examples.

5.a) What is value?  Explain value analysis of a job.
b) Explain various aspects to be considered in the design of forging

6.a) Differentiate between design variables and design constraints.
b) Explain the Gauss elimination technique for solving linear

7.a) What is meant by group decision making?  What is its significance
in design?
b) What are the maintenance considerations in design?

8. Write short notes on the following:
(a)  variant design
(b)  conceptual design
(c)  standardization


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