Download JNTU M.TECH 2-Semester POWER QUALITY JULY/AUG-2006 Exam Question Paper

Code No: 52206/MT
M.Tech. II-Semester Examinations, July/August-2006.
(Common to Power Electronics, Electrical Power Engineering and Power System Control and Automation)
Time: 3 hours Max. Marks: 60
Answer any FIVE questions
All questions carry equal marks

1. Define Power Quality. With neat sketches, explain the different types of Power Quality problems.

2.a) What is an interruption? How is failure, outage and interruption differentiated? Give examples.
b) Give the causes of Long interruption.

3. Explain about i) Short interruption ii) Fuse saving iii) Voltage during the interruption.

4. What are the steps followed for calculating sag magnitudes in meshed systems? Explain taking an example.

5.a) Explain how sag duration is measured.
b) Define phase angle jump. Derive an expression for magnitude and phase angle jump versus distance.

6.a) With a neat sketch, explain the operation of Adjustable speed AC Drive.
b) Explain how Voltage Sag is created in different Industrial Power Systems.

7.a) How do you distinguish different mitigation methods from fault to trip.
b) List the different mitigation equipment used at installation to improve power quality. Explain each of them in detail.

8. Write short notes on;
i) Shunt voltage controllers with relevant equations.
ii) IEC Electromagnetic compatibility standards.


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