Download JNTU (NR) M.TECH 1-Semester INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING PRACTICE March–2009 Exam Question Paper

Code No. A1304
M .Tech. I Semester Regular Examinations, March – 2009
(Industrial Engineering & Management)
Time: 3 hours        Max. Marks.60
Answer any Five questions
All questions carry equal marks

1.a] Define method study.
b]  Explain the procedure of method study.
c]  Explain the process chart symbols used in method study?

2.  What is performance rating? What are the different allowances given in work content?

3.  What are the minimum requirements for  restricted spaces work surfaces. When seated and standing?

4.a]  What is meant by human factor in a system. What are the problems encountered by the human factors group in organizations.
b]  Explain machine system assumptions?

5.  Elucidate process of seeing? What are the conditions that affect visual

6.a]  What is merit rating? What are its advantages and disadvantages?
b]  Differentiate between job evaluation and merit rating.

7.  What are the methods of wage payment? Explain any two methods in detail.

8.a]  What are differences between estimating and costing?
b]  A factory is producing 1000 bolts and nuts per hour on a machine. Its material cost is Rs 375/-, labor cost is Rs 245/- and the direct expense is Rs 80/- . If the factory cost is 150% of the total labors cost and office an cost is 30% of the total factory cost. If selling price of each nut and bolt is Rs 1-30/-, calculate whether the factory can make profit or loss and by what amount.


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