Download JNTU (NR) M.TECH 1-Semester SOFTWARE PROCESS & PROJECT MANAGEMENT March-2008 Exam Question Paper

Code.No: 55110/MT
M.Tech. I-Semester Regular Examinations, March-2008.
(Software Engineering)
Time: 3 hours Max. Marks: 60
Answer any FIVE questions
All questions carry equal marks.

1.a) Enumerate basic principles of software process change.
b) Mention various critical elements of software Quality Management system.

2. Enumerate and explain different process Definition Techniques.

3.a) Explain about important trends in improving software economics.
b) Conventional software economics provides a benchmark of performance for conventional software management principles. Explain.

4. Explain about Project Management process framework.

5. Explain about software configuration management.

6. Explain about the following:
a) Quality Indicators
b) Inspections and Walk throughs.

7. Explain about Project closure Analysis Report.

8. Mention and explain about future software Project management practices.


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