Download JNTU OR MCA 2-semester BUSINESS DATA PROCESSING SYSTEMS August 2009 Exam Question Paper

Code No: OR
MCA II Semester Supplementary Examinations, August 2009
Time: 3hours Max. Marks: 60
Answer any FIVE questions
All questions carry equal marks
– – –

1.a) List the four divisions of the COBOL program. Explain the same with an example.
b) Write a COBOL program to convert temperature in Fahrenheit to centigrade.

2.a) What is the order of preference?
b) Discuss the purpose of ON SIZE ERROR option.
c) Write a COBOL program to convert an alphanumeric field called Name-in to all uppercase letters.

3.a) What is the purpose of MOVE statement? Give the syntax of the MOVE statement.
b) Write a COBOL program to perform addition of two matrices of dimension 3×3.

4.a) What is the purpose of EVALUATE statement? Give an example.
b) Write a COBOL program to find the factorial N.

5.a) What is trailer record? What is the purpose of the trailer record?
b) Explain the usage of OCCURS clause with an example.
c) Write Data Division and Procedure Division for creating a table to store the library details i.e title of the book, Authors name, and serial number.

6. Write a program to read a sales file, calculate profit, and print sales report.

7.a) Briefly explain Indexed files organization. When is Indexed file processing is used?
b) Write a short notes on ISAM.
c) Write COBOL program to SORT a set of n numbers in Descending order.

8. Write short notes on:
a) Rename clause.
b) Level number 66 and 88.
c) INSPECT verb.
d) Call verb.


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