Download JNTU R5-R6 MBA 3-semester DATA WAREHOUSING AND DATA MINING December 2008 Exam Question Paper

Code No: R5-R6310MBA     R5-R6
M.B.A. III Semester Regular Examinations, December 2008
– – – –
Time: 3 hours Max Marks: 60
Answer any FIVE Questions
All Questions carry equal marks

1. Explain about the following:
(a) PDA
(b) External memories
(c) Lack of data integration.

2. Explain about the following :
(a) Relational Database model
(b) Data Dictionary
(c) Components of Database system.

3. Explain about Sharing data between Functional units and Different levels of Users?

4. Explain about Requirements and Conceptual design in Detail.

5. Explain the concept of data warehousing and data marts with an example.

6. Consider the case of a bank debit card system
(a) Give 3D data elements and 2 fact elements that could be in the database for this data warehouse. Draw data cube.
(b) Suggest an aggregate that would apply to one of the dimension data element
(c) State two ways in which each of the 2 fact data elements could be of low
quality in some respect.

7. (a) Compare and contrast the two basic ways to analyze the data of data warehouse.
(b) Explain the classification and regression tree.
8. List and describe eight stages of information system project.


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