Download JNTU R6-R7 MCA 1-semester COMPUTER ORGANIZATION August 2009 Exam Question Paper

Code No: 31002
MCA. I Semester Supplementary Examinations, August 2009
Time :3hours Max.Marks:60
Answer any FIVE questions
All questions carry equal marks

1. Convert the following binary numbers into their equivalent decimal and hexadecimal representation
(a) 11101.101010 (b) 101.111

2.(a) Distinguish between combinational logic and sequential logic
(b) Draw the circuits for half and full adders and explain with the help of truth tables

3.(a) Explain cache memory associative mapping with the help of figure
(b) Micro processor unit is slower than hard wired unit. Justify this statement

4.(a) Draw and explain 8086 internal block diagram
(b) Explain zero, one, two and three address instructions

5. Write the 8086 instruction which will perform the indicated operation
(i) multiplies AL times BL
(ii) copies DL to a memory location whose offset is in BX
(iii) increments the contents of CX by one
(iv) copies AX to a memory location at offset 245AH in the data segment
(v) masks the lower 4 bits of BL
(vi) Copies AL to BL

6. Explain the below instructions
(i) CALL (ii) JC (iii) LOOP (iv) INT (v) CLC (vi) CLI

7.(a) With the help of a diagram clearly explain the functioning of a micoprogrammed control unit
(b) Discuss about the design considerations of micro instruction sequencing technique

8. Why are read and write control lines in a DMA controller bidirectional? Under what condition and for what purpose are they used as inputs? Under what condition and for what purpose are they used as output? Explain.


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