Download JNTU R6-R7 MCA 1-semester ENGLISH LANGUAGE COMMUNICATION SKILLS August 2009 Exam Question Paper

Code No: 31602          R6-R7
MCA I Semester Supplementary Examinations August 2009
Time: 3hours Max.Marks:60
Answer any FIVE questions
All questions carry equal marks

1. What are the distinctive features of Indian English? How different it is from American and British English?

2. Explain the importance of non-verbal clues in formal communication? Support your views with apt illustrations.

3. Attempt a brief note on the following;
(a) Interpersonal Communication
(b) Grapevine
(c) Upward communication
(d) Lateral communication

4. What are the essential aspects of effective public speaking? Explain with suitable examples.

5. (a)Enumerate the features of technical presentation?
(b) Discuss the limitations of Power point presentation?

6. Bring out the characteristic features of written communication.

7. What are the prominent components of a business letter? What is the importance of preciseness and correctness?

8. M/S Alpha Pharma intends to launch a new unit in Pune. In the capacity of a technical expert, submit a feasibility report.


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