Download JNTU R7 MBA 3-semester MANAGEMENT OF INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS December 2008 Exam Question Paper

Code No: R7-310-MBA
M.B.A.-III Semester Regular Examinations, December 2008.
Time: 3 hours Max.Marks:60
Answer any FIVE questions
All questions carry equal marks

– – –

1. Define “Industrial Relations”. Discuss the elevation and growth of Industrial Relations in India. Suggest Some Guidelines for effective handling of Industrial Relations in India.

2. Define the term “Trade union” Describe the functions of trade unions in Industrial Organisations. Discuss the changing role of trade unions in the present day Globalised Economy.

3. Explain the concept and characteristics of collective bargaining. Why has collective bargaining failed in India.

4. Discuss the various types and levels of tripartism in India.

5. Define “Factory”, Under Factories Act, 1948, Explain the legal provisions regarding employee welfare under the factories Act, 1948. What measures do you suggest additionally to enrich the welfare of works in India.

6. Explain the terms “Minimum and maximum Bonus”. Write a detailed note on the mechanism for determination and payment of Bonus to a Newly set-up establishment under the payment of Bonus Act, 1965.

7. What is an “Industrial dispute”? Discuss the various methods to prevent and settle the Industrial Disputes under the Industrial disputes Act, 1948.

8. What do you mean by employee participation in management? Discuss the factors responsible, to make participative management a real success in India.


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