EAMCET 2011 Web Counselling Options Exercising Schedule,Procedure

How to Exercise Options for EAMCET 2011 Web Counselling Options Entry Form  Step by Step Procedure

EAMCET 2011 Options Exercising Starts from 31st July 2011. Candidates undergone for Certificate Verification Process Can Exercise Options Online @ http://apeamcet.nic.in/

EAMCET 2011 Options Exercising Schedule :

Rank Date
From To From To
1 40000 31.07.2011 01.08.2011
40001 80000 02.08.2011 03.08.2011
80001 120000 04.08.2011 05.08.2011
120001 160000 06.08.2011 07.08.2011
160001 LAST++ 08.08.2011 09.08.2011

LAST ++ Means: Including not qualified/ not appeared in EAMCET Minority candidates.

EAMCET 2011 Options Exercising Procedure,Instructions :

Candidate Must Completed Certificate Verification before Options Entry

Candidates Can either enter Options over Net from Home or Internet Cafe or Help Line Centre

Step-1 : Entering the URL through Internet

  • Use Internet Explorer version 6.0 to 8.0 or above for Options Entry don’t Use Mozilla,NetScape,Opera
  • Enter the URL in Address bar :  http://apeamcet.nic.in/
  • You will Get the Home Page of EAMCET 2011 Web Counselling.

Step-2: Generation of Password

  • Password is essential for Candidates Login, Entry of options, Change of options, saving and deletion of options and for printing of Seat allotment order.
  • Click on “ Candidates  Registration”  to generate the password.  Enter the details (Note: Registration Number is printed on your Rank Card. Date of birth shall be entered in DD/MM/YYYY format).
EAMCET 2011 Web Counselling Password Generation
  • Click on “ Generate  Password”  button . The following screen appears.
  • In the “ Password”  box enter the  ‘ password ’  (having  a minimum of 8 characters length and maximum of 10 with at least one Numeral/Character for example EAMCET12, krishna123, @#34BxMz56, 98765432H etc.)
  • Re-enter the same password at “Re-enter password”  box. Enter the mobile number and email id. These are optional. In case you forget the password mobile number/email id is compulsory to communicate the changed password.
  • Click on “ Save  Password” to save the password. Click on “ Log Out” . With this candidate’ s  registration is completed and you will come back to Home page.
  • You can change your password as well as reset the password (in case forgotten) through Candidates login as explained in the following step.

EAMCET 2011 Web Counselling Password Generation1

Step-3: Options Entry

  • After completing the candidates registration and generation of password, click on Candidates Login for exercising the options. The following screen appears.
EAMCET 2011 Web Counselling Candidates Login
EAMCET 2011 Web Counselling Candidates Login
  • If you forgot password, click on the link Forgot your password. and enter the Registration  number, Rank, EAMCET Hall ticket number and date of Birth and mobile number which you have entered at the time of Candidate Registration. Now click on get new password.

EAMCET 2011 Web Counselling New Password

  • New password generated by computer will be sent to your mobile number or to your email.  After receiving the password you can use it for Option Entry.
  • To enter your options, fill in your Registration No.,Hall Ticket No.,Password and Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY) and click on Sign In. The following screen appears.
EAMCET 2011 Web Counselling Option Entry Form
EAMCET 2011 Web Counselling Option Entry Form
  • Read the instructions carefully. Read the Declaration and click on Check Box   √  to confirm the same.
  •  Click  on  “Option Entry Form”  will navigate you to screen with check boxes with district names and statewide institutions.
  • In case you need any explanation about different Menu items of the Option Entry form Click on “ Hel p Screen”  . Read the explanation about various menu items, and then click the button “ Click here  to Enter Options ” , it displays the screen with various districts along with check boxes.

EAMCET 2011 Web Counselling Exercising Options

  • Select one or more districts or statewide institutions to display the Colleges in those districts along with State wide Institutions.
  • Click  on  “Display Option Entry form ” displays the screen for exercising the options.

EAMCET 2011 Option Entry Form

  • In the Screen different colours are used for display of University Colleges, Girl Colleges,  and Minority institutions etc


  • Enter your EAMCET Hall ticket No. in the box provided.
  • By looking at already filled manual option form, enter the option numbers in the Boxes on the Screen against the College and course in which you are interested to join as shown above.
  • Click on View and Print button helps you to see the saved options and take a print out of the same.

EAMCET 2011 Options Exercising End Page

STEP 4: Logout  

  • AFTER COMPLETION OF Option entry click on “ Logout” , IT DISPLAYS AN ALERT MESSAGE WITH three BUTTONS “ Save  and Logout” ,  “ Confirm Logout”  and ‘ Cancel Logout‟.
  • Click on „Cance l Logout‟  retains the Options Entry Form for entry of some more options.
  • Click  on  “Save  & Logout”  button will save the options exercised up to that point of time and display the details of the options exercised.
  •  Click  on  “Confirm Log out‟ button will directly display the details of the options saved up to that instant.


You are informed that, you can add, modify or delete the options any number of times within in stipulated time by repeating the above mentioned four steps. The options recorded in the server on the last day will be frozen.  If you wish to change the frozen options once again, approach any one of help line centers on any one of the dates mentioned to modify your frozen options.  This is the final opportunity and after this no further changes can be done.  The Options recorded in the server on the last day will be taken for allotment of seats. You can take a printout of the options exercised.

After the option entry and Logout from the Option entry form, close the browser.

Stage 5:  Final Allotment of Seats  

The allotments will be processed on the date mentioned in the notification based on merit, category, sex, Local area, special reservation category etc and will be placed in
the web.  You have to download the allotment order.  This is final allotment and request for change will not be entertained.

All The Best!!!


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