EAMCET 2011 Results,Marks,Weightage Calculation,Rank Estimators

From EAMCET 2009 onwards there is a 25% weightage for inter marks and 75% weightage for EAMCET Marks will be used for calculation of EAMCET Ranks. Only Group subject Marks will be considered in Inter weightage.

After aggregating the both Inter+ Eamcet weightage Marks final EAMCET Ranks will be Calculated.

See these Example to get the clear idea about Eamcet Rank Clculation:

For Intermediate Weightage:

If a candidate get 576 marks out of total 600 marks, his / ger weightage will be calculated like this….
576 / 600 X 25 = 24 Marks

For EAMCET Weightage:

Total marks of a candidate in EAMCET will be aggregated to 100 and 75 % weightage will be calculated from that marks. For example, if a candidate score 80 marks out of 160 in EAMCET, his marks in EAMCET will be…
80 / 160 X 75 = 37.5

Now both weightages will be added and final rank will be announced accordingly. This will be done like this…

Inter Weightage = 24 +
EAMCET weightage = 37.5
Total Marks = 61.5
Based on this Score, final ranks will be calculated.

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I hope u understand this. ALL THE BEST!!!!

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  1. samyuktha says:

    Sir I got 432 in inter and 50 in eamcet please estimate my rank

  2. Yelti Kunal Reddy says:

    I Got 977 Marks In Inter & I Got 110 Marks In Eamcet
    Then I Got CSE In OU Campus

  3. prakash raina says:

    i got 498/600 how many marks should i get below 40000 in eamcet

  4. G.SAIVAMSI says:

    sir i got 560 marks out of 600 and eamcet 54 marks.how much rank i will get please tell sir

  5. Charan says:

    Sir I have got 596 marks In groups and 90 in EAMCET can u please estimate my rank!!

  6. Hari says:

    U will get 19730 to 20000

  7. psv kiran says:

    In inter I had got 753 in emacet how much I have to score to get below 20000 rank sir

  8. pravallika says:

    I got 876 marks in ipe how many marks should I get in eamcet to get a rank between 200-500

  9. pravallika says:

    Sir I got 876 marks in ipe how many marks should I get in eamcet to get a rank between 200-500

  10. SURAJ says:

    hello sir i have got 82% marks in intermediate and i have cleared mains in architect. How many marks should i get in eamcet so that i can achieve seat in ‘OU campus’ or ‘JNTU’.

  11. dsp manohar says:

    sir i scored 94.1 percent in ipe that means 941/1000 and in groups 571 marks out of 600 if i scored 80 marks in eamcet how much i can expect my rank pls reply sir

  12. B.V. Narasimha Reddy says:

    Sir i got 480 out of 600 how many marks should i get to get below 4000 rank in TS EAMCET

  13. Aymen says:

    Respected sir,
    I’ve scored 24.3452 out of 25 in my ipe exams. How many marks I should get in my EAMCET exam to get a free seat in Gandhi university?

  14. Abdul khader says:

    Sir, I got 47 perecent marks. in inter what should i do pls give me rieply

  15. junaid says:

    sir i got 74% in inter and 36 in eamcet would i get a rank???
    plz reply….,………

  16. vishnu says:

    I got 46% marks in intermediate and EAMCET marks are 53.would I get seat in mbbs…and plz tell which seat will i get,
    and I have NCC A certificate and my category is SC(B)

  17. harika says:

    i got 80% in intermediate in eamect 50 marks which rank i well get sir

  18. shivasai says:

    I got 752 marks ipe and 63 marks in eamcet please tell me my rank sir

  19. anusha says:

    sir i got 948 marks for 1000 and in groups 575 marks and 66 marks in eamcet which rank i will get sir

  20. bhaskar says:

    i got 870 in ipe and 50 marks in eamcet please tell my rank sir

  21. havya says:

    sir / madam
    response pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

  22. havya says:

    sir I got 58.4% on the whole so which rank I may get please tell me sir

  23. sai says:

    Sir I got 931 for 1000and in groups i got 557 out of 600 i got 23 percent and eamcet marks is 55 which rank i will get sir

  24. thanuj says:

    hello sir i have got 82% in intermediate how many marks should i get to get below 5000 rank in eamcet

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