EAMCET 2011 Results,Marks,Weightage Calculation,Rank Estimators

From EAMCET 2009 onwards there is a 25% weightage for inter marks and 75% weightage for EAMCET Marks will be used for calculation of EAMCET Ranks. Only Group subject Marks will be considered in Inter weightage.

After aggregating the both Inter+ Eamcet weightage Marks final EAMCET Ranks will be Calculated.

See these Example to get the clear idea about Eamcet Rank Clculation:

For Intermediate Weightage:

If a candidate get 576 marks out of total 600 marks, his / ger weightage will be calculated like this….
576 / 600 X 25 = 24 Marks

For EAMCET Weightage:

Total marks of a candidate in EAMCET will be aggregated to 100 and 75 % weightage will be calculated from that marks. For example, if a candidate score 80 marks out of 160 in EAMCET, his marks in EAMCET will be…
80 / 160 X 75 = 37.5

Now both weightages will be added and final rank will be announced accordingly. This will be done like this…

Inter Weightage = 24 +
EAMCET weightage = 37.5
Total Marks = 61.5
Based on this Score, final ranks will be calculated.

Use EAMCET 2011 Rank Estimator in www.netbadi.com

I hope u understand this. ALL THE BEST!!!!

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  1. A.joel says:

    Hello sir ,
    This is A.Joel I have scored 80-/-
    In inter(bi.p.c) and 63marks in eamcet
    Do I get a seat in mbbs

  2. rahul says:

    hi sir i got good marks in eamcet and 57 % in intermediat .what will be by estemaed rank in enngenering

  3. If I got 535 out of 540 in groups and if I got 970 in inter and if I got 110 marks in emcet what will be my rank tell me quickly

  4. narender says:

    if i got 500/540 in groups how much marks i should get in mcet tel me

  5. narender says:

    if i got 500/540 in groups how much marks i should get in mcet

  6. the eamcet result is declared but i have not send my intermediate result due it has disqualified me ,so now what i have to do for it,pls kindly tell me i will be highly obliged.

    thank you

  7. Ram says:

    How much rank will be in EAMCET(medical)exam with 50% weightage

  8. harisha says:

    sir i got 507 mks in ipe & igot %9 mks in emct what rank i can expt in engineering

  9. sai says:

    whatismy rank on percentage 46.5

  10. sai says:

    i got 46.5what is my rank

  11. uddaraju naga suneetha durga devi says:

    sir i am an oc student i got 85% in ipe how many marks i should score in eamcet

  12. radha says:

    Sir. I got in ipe 631/1000 so whether I get rank or not if get rank how much I get

  13. nkoolrokz says:

    iam excepting 80% marks in ipe what should be my marks in eamcet 2014 for geeting rank 5000

  14. mounika says:

    if i get 72% in emcet (including i.p.e percentage) how much is the chance of getting seat in mbbs

  15. praveen yadavalli says:

    hello sir i have understood very well the procedure of caluclation of marks but if iget 24% in ipe and 65% in eamcet then can i get seat top engnieering college

  16. R.chaitanya says:

    Hi sir if i get 800 marks in ipe and 80 marks in eamcet can i expect seat in top 10 colleges

  17. swathi sri says:

    Sir how many marks I should get if I want seat in university

  18. anand says:

    sir to write eamcet ,aieee and iit to write this exams how much percent is needed for the 2014 students

  19. jahnavi says:

    respected sir,
    my eamcet marks are 49 but still my rank was not available please allot my rank as much as soon because i want to do engg

  20. vinay says:

    sir i got 36 marks in eamcet.and in ipe 389/600 then am eligible for eamcet counciling? and what is my total eamcet persentage pls send dis informtn to my email id vinay.b1991@gmail.com

  21. anil kumar says:

    i got 91percent in ipe and 58marks in eamcet . will i get seat in good college

  22. OpalKoboi says:

    Hello! I am a CBSE student and my board does not include separate PCM group aggregate marks. Does anyone know the procedure for EAMCET+Cbse Weightage Calculation Method? Please, do help!

  23. nimrah says:

    my eamcet marks are 92 and ipe wieghtage is 24 can i get a rank in medicine

  24. swathi says:

    i got total 71.1 percet is ths total score or fr only 100 marks i want to knw ths clarify it clearly

  25. A.Sesha reddy says:

    i was complate my open inter my marks in open inter 248/500 there is eligibul for betech how many marks i want in em cet

  26. sarath says:

    is both 1st and 2nd year inter ipe weightage is considered

  27. MADHURI says:


  28. Pavan kumar says:

    Hi! Sir i got 88percentage in 1st year ipe. Will i get gud clg 4 mechanics.how much i can score in eamcet?

  29. priyanka says:

    sir i have got 500 out of 600 in groups and iam expecting 50 marks in eamcet can i know my rank

  30. Suma says:

    I have written eamcet in 2011.. Is that rank card valid for 2012..? please let me know the answer..


  31. naresh says:

    hi sir my inter marks 606 i am written by eamect may 11 2012 i am expeted by the 52 marks in eamect from enngenering

  32. firdos says:

    sir i have got 93% in intermediate and 40 marks in eamcet can i know my eamcet rank

  33. sumaiyya says:

    hi sir i am sumaiyya i got 80 marks in eamcet and my weightage for ipe is 24 what will be my estimated rank in medicine will i be able to get a rank in MBBS?

  34. ahmed says:

    i want to know details about 2012 EAMCET medical counselling which also regards details of second year improvement exams…both physics and other optionals..
    and what is the difference in 1st and second counselling..???
    Im very much confused please help me out as soon as possible..because the last date for paying my improvement fees in 3rd may..

  35. jyothi says:

    i want know last ranks in b.a,m.s pls

  36. ramya sri says:

    respected sir, want to know briefly about eamcet .so plz send me full details .my email id is ramappu037@gmail.com

  37. guru kumar says:

    my intermediate percentage is 22% my eamcet marks is 58 i want my engineering eamcet rank

  38. my intermediate whightage is 19.7 and my eamcet whitage is 23.4 i want to know my medical eamcet rank

  39. arigela harika says:

    hai sir i am harika i got 80 marks in eamcet engineering and my ipe marks are 572.i cant understand ur calculator can u please reply me how much rank can i get in eamcet.i am eagerly waiting for ur reply please it to my email id vamsiprasad2009@gmail.com.thanking u

  40. jyotsna says:

    am gettin 87 in eamcet and 577 in ipe ..my total marks is around 64 out of 100 can u plz telme hw much rank il be gettin..because in newspapers its given aroun 6000 rank but the net badi shows 12000

  41. admin says:

    61 is the Score out of 100 based on these Ranks will be awarded.

  42. admin says:

    Use http://www.netbadi.com for full details

  43. akhil says:

    hi sir i am akhil i didnt understand ur calculation in your estimated calculation u got only 61 mrks
    out of how many mrks is it 61/80 or 61/160 i hope u wil reply me as soon as possible.

  44. triveni says:

    sir i have got 81% in intermediate and 53 marks in eamcet can i know my eamcet rank

  45. sanaga nagendra reddy says:

    hi i am nagendra i got 46 in eamcet and 500/600 in optionals am m.p.c student so plz estimate my rank… plz reply me i’ll waiting 4 ur reply..

  46. veena says:

    hi myself veena i’ve secured 49 in eamcet nd 510/600 in optionals am m.p.c student so plz estimate my rank… plz reply me i’ll waiting 4 ur reply..

  47. m sindhura says:

    i got 547 marks in intermediate and 110 marks in eamset medicine kindly let me know what rank will i get finally

  48. rajesh says:

    i got 67 marks in eamcet and 21% in intermediat.what will be my estemaed rank in enngenering.

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