ECIL GET ECE Question Papers

 ECIL GET 2012 ECE Model Question Papers

This is to inform all the ECIL GET,Graduate Engineer Trainee aspirants,that ECIL  Written Examination consists of a single paper of 120 minutes or 2 hours duration. The question paper will consist of only 50 objective type multiple choice questions based on respective engineering Syllabus with four choices for each question.Each Question will carry 3 marks ( For total of 150 marks) ,and 1/3 mark will be deducted for each wrong answer.

1. The length of transmitting antenna should be comparable with ……..
of the signal to be transmitted.
(a) λ         
(b) λ/2
(c) 2 λ
(d) λ/4
2. Unregulated dc power supply is not in need of
a) Diode
b) Transformer,
c) Zener diode
d) filter
3. The eigen values of a skew-symmetric matrix are
(A) always zero
(B) always pure imaginary
(C) either zero or pure imaginary
(D) always real
4. For the two-port network shown below,
the short-circuit admittance parameter matrix is
Ans :: A
5. At room temperature, a possible value for the mobility of electrons in the
inversion layer of a silicon n-channel MOSFET is
(A) 450 cm2/V-s
(B) 1350 cm2/V-s
(C) 1800 cm2/V-s
(D) 3600 cm2/V-s
6. For parallel RLC circuit, which one of the following statements is NOT correct?
(A) The bandwidth of the circuit deceases if R is increased
(B) The bandwidth of the circuit remains same if L is increased
(C) At resonance, input impedance is a real quantity
(D) At resonance, the magnitude of input impedance attains its minimum value.
7. For the output F to be 1 in the logic circuit shown, the input combination should be
(A) A = 1, B= 1. C = 0
(B) A = 1, B= 0,C = 0
(C) A = 0, B= 1. C = 0
(D) A = 0, B= 0, C = 1
8. The impurity commonly used for realizing the base region of a silicon n-p-n
transistor is
(a) Gallium
(b) Indium
(c) Boron
(d) Phosphorus
9. An ideal op-amp is an ideal
(a) voltage controlled current source
(b) voltage controlled voltage source
(c) current controlled current source
(d) current controlled voltage source
10. Voltage series feedback (also called series shunt feedback) results in
(a) increase in both input and output impedance
(b) decrease in both input and output impedance
(c) increase in input impedance and decrease in output impedance
(d) decrease in input impedance and increase in output impedance
11. The Fourier transform of a conjugate symmetric function is always
(a) imaginary
(b) conjugate anti-symmetric
(c) real
(d) conjugate symmetric
12. An AM signal and a narrow-band FM signal with identical carriers, modulating
signals and modulation indices of 0.1 are added together. The resultant signal
can be closely approximated by
(a) broadband FM
(b) SSB with carrier
(c) DSB-SC
(d) SSB without carrier
13. Consider a lossless antenna with a directive gain of +6db. If 1mW of power is fed
to it the total power radiated by the antenna will be
(a) 4mW
(b) 1mW
(c) 7mW
(d) 1/4mW
14. The minimum number of flip-flops required to construct a mod-75 counter is 
(A) 5        (B)  6       (C)  7        (D) 8
15. A ‘literal’ in Boolean Algebra means
(A) a variable inn its uncomplemented form only
(B) a variable ORed with its complement
(C) a variable in its complemented form only
(D) a variable in its complemented or uncomplemented form
16. The number of control lines for a 8 – to – 1 multiplexer is  
(A) 2          (B) 3          (C) 4       (D) 5
17. The 8085 assembly language instruction that stores the content of H and L registers into the memory locations 2050H and 2051H, respectively, is 
 A) SPHL 2050H
B) SPHL2051H
C) SHLD 2050H
D) STAX 2050H
18. The insulation strength of an EHV transmission line is mainly governed by
A) load power factor     B) switching over-voltages    C) harmonics    D) corona
19. For the equation, s3 – 4s2+ s + 6 = 0 the number of roots in the left half of s-plane will be
  A) 0     B) 1       C) 2         D) 3
20. In a DMA write operation the data is transferred
(A) from I/O to memory.
(B) from memory to I/O.
(C) from memory to memory.
(D) from I/O to I/O.
21. Pseudo instructions are basically
(A) false instructions.
(B) instructions that are ignored by the microprocessor.
(C) assembler directives.
(D) instructions that are treated like comments.
22. What will be the contents of register AL after the following has been executed
(A) 0A and carry flag is set
(B) 0A and carry flag is reset
(C) 6A and carry flag is set
(D) 6A and carry flag is reset
23. The most commonly used amplifier in sample & hold circuits is
a) A unity gain non-inverting amplifier
b) A unity gain inverting amplifier
c) An inverting amplifier with a gain of 10
d) An inverting amplifiers with a gain of 100
24. If the Laplace transform of f (t ) is (w/(s2+w2),) then the value of Lim f (t ),where t tends to infinity
(A) cannot be determined.
(B) is zero.
(C) is unity.
(D) is infinity
25. The auto-correlation function of a rectangular pulse of duration T is
(A) a rectangular pulse of duration T.
(B) a rectangular pulse of duration 2T.
(C) a triangular pulse of duration T.
(D) a triangular pulse of duration 2T.
26. The FT of a rectangular pulse existing between t = −T / 2 to t = T / 2 is a
(A) sinc squared function.
(B) sinc function.
(C) sine squared function.
(D) sine function.
27. Kirchoff’s law of voltages states that in a complete circuit,
a) The sum of voltage decreases equals the sum of voltage increases.
b) All paths in a circuit have equal voltage increases.
c) All electrons must travel the same path.
d) Electrons provide the necessary voltage for the circuit to operate.
e) The voltage is equal to the energy divided by the current.
28. In relation to the synchronous machines, which one of the following statements is
A) In salient pole machines, the direct-axis synchronous reactance is greater than the
quadrature-axis synchronous reactance
B) The damper bars help the synchronous motor self start
C) Short circuit ratio is the ratio of the field current required to produce the rated voltage on
open circuit to the rated armature current
D) The V-curve of a synchronous motor represents the variation in the armature current with
field excitation, at a given output power
29. When a step-input is given to an op-amp integrator, the output will be
(A) a ramp.
(B) a sinusoidal wave.
(C) a rectangular wave.
(D) a triangular wave with dc bias.
30. The reverse – saturation current of a silicon diode
(A) doubles for every 10°C increase in temperature
(B) does not change with temperature
(C) halves for every 1°C decrease in temperature
(D) increases by 1.5 times for every 2°C increment in temperature
31. The maximum possible collector circuit efficiency of an ideal class A power amplifier is
(A) 15%
(B) 25%
(C) 50%
(D) 75%
32. When a sinusoidal voltage wave is fed to a Schmitt trigger, the output will be
(A) triangular wave.
(B) asymmetric square wave.
(C) rectangular wave.
(D) trapezoidal wave.
33. Hysteresis loss least depends on
(A) Frequency.
(B) Magnetic field intensity.
(C) Volume of the material.
(D) Grain orientation of material
34. Transmitters used on vehicles are__________ polarized
A. Linearly
B. Circularly
C. Both (a) and (b)
D. None of these
35. Antenna bandwidth can be increased by using__________.
A. A feed horn
B. Thicker wires
C. Cages
D. All of these
36. In the TM mode, Ez _____ and Hz = ________.
A. 0, 0
B. 0, ∞
C. ∞ 0
D. None of these
37. For those surfaces where surface charge density is __________ normal component of electric flux density is continuous.
A. Infinity
B. Unity
C. Zero
D. None of these
38. In the case of a perfect dielectric medium, phase constant ______________ as conductivity increases.
A. Increases
B. Decreases
C. Remains unchanged
D. None of these
39. Standing wave consists of two travelling waves of ____________ amplitudes and _____________ is direction.
A. Unequal, same
B. Unequal, opposite
C.  Equal, same
D. Equal, opposite


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