GATE 2012 EE Electrical Question Paper,Answer Key Set-A,B,C,D

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering GATE 2012 Electrical Engineering EE Question Papers of Set-A,B,C,D with Answer Keys are available below. All Electrical Candidates those who have appeared for the GATE 2012 Exam on February 12 2012 Can Check & Discuss Question Paper,Answer Keys  through the Comments.

Click Here for GATE EE Electrical Question Paper 2012 Set-A

ACE Engg Academy Coaching Institute Answer Keys Click Here

Made Easy Coaching Center Answer Key Click Here

All Branches GATE 2012 Papers  &  Answer Keys

All The Best for all Candidates and Good Luck for Post Graduation. Don’t forget to Post your marks in Comments.


  1. Can anyone tell whether 2013 EE paper is easier than 2011 and 2012 paper?..specially compared to 2011 paper..?

  2. sir,i have ee branch,and i want to know that what minimum percentile i have achieve in order to have iit or nit for mtech

  3. sir,i want to know that ,as i have ee branch so what percentile should minimum required in order to get iit and nit for mtech

  4. now i am in B.Tech 2/4.i want a betterway to get good score in gate exam,plz kindly give me the suggestion.

  5. sir plz tell me how get good score in gate and also what are the main topics in machines for gate exam

  6. The questions was very tough compared to previous papers according to the latest pattern for Electrical Engineering.Let us hope that qualifying mark will be much lower compared to the 2011.

    1 D 2 C 3 B 4 D 5 B 6 A 7 B
    8 A 9 C 10 B 11 A 12 D 13 A 14 C
    15 B 16 A 17 A 18 C 19 A 20 D 21 D
    22 D 23 A 24 C 25 A 26 A 27 A 28 A
    29 A 30 D 31 D 32 D 33 D 34 B 35 B
    36 C 37 D 38 B 39 B 40 B 41 C 42 C
    43 C 44 D 45 A 46 B 47 C 48 B 49 C
    50 C 51 D 52 A 53 C 54 D 55 D 56 A
    57 C 58 B 59 D 60 D 61 A 62 C 63 D
    64 C 65 B
    ALL THE BEST….!!!

  8. i beleive this year the level was raised quite a bit.. elecrical was really a headache….
    i hope qualifying marks get down……..

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