GK & Current Affairs Questions asked in RRB NTPC 30th March 2016 2nd Shift

GK & Current Affairs Questions asked in RRB NTPC 30th March 2016 2nd Shift. RRB 30th March 2nd Shift General Awareness and General Science Questions with Answers. RRB NTPC 30th March 2016 Question Paper with Key.

GK Questions asked in RRB NTPC 30th March 2016 Afternoon 2nd Shift

  1. first time Commonwealth game was held? 2010.
  2. who wrote Wings of Fire book was  ____________. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.  
  3. Jalikattu game is assosciated with which state? Tamil Nadu.  
  4. Audiophones was invented by _____ in 1910? Nathaniel Baldwin  
  5. Chemotherapy is used as treatment –   Cancer.
  6. No. of languages which are written in Indian note?  17
  7. Whose signature is there on 1 rupee note?  Finance Secretary.
  8. states achieved 100% inclusion in PMJDY?  Goa and Kerala  
  9. virus name of Chicken pox? Varicella zoster virus.  
  10. With which country India signed MOU to increase solar energy? U.K.  
  11. 15th Prime minister of India? Narendra Modi.  
  12. Who is First women President of Indian national congress post independence?  Indira Gandhi.  
  13. What is MS Office? Application software.  
  14. What is dakshin Ganga?  Godavari  
  15.  ______ is Computer key used for help menu? F1 button.  
  16. Who designed Our Indian National flag? Pingali Venkaiyya.  
  17. first woman to win Gold medal in Olympics Boxing?  Nicola Adams.  
  18. The line of Control bw India and Pakistan was constructed in _____ year?  1972  
  19. Range of decibel that can be heard by human ear? 60-120 DB.  
  20. What is capital of Arunachal Pradesh? Itanagar  
  21. What is cloud computing?  Service  
  22. MS-office- Application software  
  23. International space university located?  France  
  24. shravanbelagola lie in?  Karnataka  
  25. Canton tower loacted?  China  
  26. In which year great Bhagat singh hanged?  1931  
  27. Country toped in FIFA rankings as per 7th Jan 2016?  Belgium  
  28. Process of seperating Hydrogen and oxgen is _____.  Electolysis  
  29. Which among the following is cooking gas?   LPG 
  30. Solar is related to sun. Lunar is related to ______.  Moon

30th March RRB NTPC Questions in Afternoon 2nd Shift. RRB NTPC 30th March 2016 2nd Shift Question Paper.

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