Group Discussion Topics,Latest Topics for Group Discussion

Indicative topics for group discussion

1. Can women be good managers ?

2. Globalization – a boon or a curse ?

3. Will India get a seat at the UN security council ?

4. Has WTO been hijacked by the developed countries ?

5. Nuclear power- a boon or a curse ?

6. Is administered price mechanism actually dismantled in the oil and gas
sector ?

7. Should all the subsidies be removed ?

8. Should there be reservation in educational institutions ?

9. Will Indian SENSEX reach the level of 30,000 ?

10. Can anybody predict stock market index ?

11. Is futures market gambling or a risk management tool ?

12. Restoring the stakeholders confidential in financial statements.

13. How to deal with international terrorism ?

14. How friendly are we to our neighbouring countries .

15. Is India a soft nation ?

16. Corruption is the price we pay for democracy.

17. Foreign TV channels are destroying our culture.

18. How to deal with high oil prices ?

19. Beauty contests degrade womanhood.

20. Should there be private universities ?

21. The answer to corruption: more women in politics.

22. Should the public sector be privatised ?

23. Is globalisation really necessary ?

24. Six billion and one bronze!

25. Value based politics is the need of the hour.

26. Religion should not be mixed with politics.

27. Why can’t we be world players in manufacturing as we are in software
development ?


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