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How to Crack General Awareness for Bank Exams

How to Crack General Awareness for Bank Exams

The general awareness section has become an integral part of all the bank exams. This is undeniably the most challenging section because of its range of questions i.e. practically infinite.

Candidates feel the chill wind of it when they start to prepare this section just before the exam. So it is advisable that this section is dealt gradually with everyday learning and to help the aspirants strategize their preparation, some important tips are provided here.

  1. Commitment to news.

The best way to improve the current affairs is by reading the newspapers and watching a proper news channel. The habit to read at least one newspaper a day and watching the news for half an hour daily should be inculcated as the first step in preparation.

  1. Following magazines and periodicals.

Magazines and periodicals are a good source of static general awareness as well as current affairs. Static general awareness is that which does not change like the country capitals, famous places etc. So a standard periodical should be followed thoroughly to enhance the general awareness knowledge.

  1. Taking notes.

It is very important that the aspirants should take notes about whatever recent affairs they come across. This will ensure that the candidates do not forget what they learn and the notes can be used at the time of revision.

  1. Solving previous year papers.

Solving the previous year questions papersof different SBI and IBPS exams will give an overview of the type and level of questions asked in the exams. So solving at least 5 years paper is very crucial and it surely helps to supplement the knowledge about the static general knowledge.

  1. Giving online tests.

The online tests are a good way to evaluate the performance and the candidates can also come across a lot more questions. There are various online sites where mock tests on general awareness can be given and it is advisable that the aspirants should give a lot of mock tests to build up the confidence.

There is no end to study this section and so it is very important to learn things daily while retaining everything. The candidates are advised not to waste a lot of time in this section because if one does not know a particular answer, there is no point in wasting the crucial time for that question.

The aforementioned tips are sure to help the candidates to prepare for the boundless section in the bank exams. With proper efforts and dedication, there would be no clouds on the horizon for clearing this section.

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