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How to face Interview? ,Interview Tips,How to crack Interview..


1. Find out about the organization

  • It is important to understand the industry to which the organization belongs as well as some background about the organization itself. You could read published information, newspaper, magazines, articles, annual reports, websites etc.
  • If you can track down any employees (former employees) of the company who are willing to give you some additional knowledge, by all means consult them.
  • Find out about company’s competitors, market share, government policy on the industry. Try to read their annual report and accounts by visiting their website. In short, based on your information try to make SWOT analysis of the company.
  • Avoid making any remark about controversial issue that is in news about the company.

2. Brush up the details you have mentioned in the resume

  • The only account you have given of yourself till that point of time would be the resume. It is essential to prepare answers/backup arguments for all the issues you mentioned in the resume. It would make sense to put yourself in the role of the employer, go through the resume and think what could be the question on each and every aspect of your resume.
  • Now think about your responses as candidate. Once again assume the role of the employer and think whether with the responses given do you really find yourself suitable for recruitment. This process, if taken sincerely, can guide you in terms of improvement/changes required in your responses or the extra knowledge which you need to seek to fully prepare to face the interview.

3. General awareness

  • It is essential to follow the news and current business events by reading general and business newspapers and magazines. Any events of current importance such as budget/central legislations, international events which affect business company should be studied carefully.

4. Study thoroughly your favourite subjects

  • It may not be practical for the interviewer to test you on all the subjects of your education. Usually the interviewer would ask you to choose one or two favourite subjects to test your knowledge. Be sure to study these thoroughly.
  • Not being able to answer questions on your favourite subject would give a negative impression. You should also understand and remember importantrules/laws/formulae of the chosen subjects. Be careful not to choose fancy, irrelevant subjects, say European history, for a job in management accounting.

5. Have structured answers

  • Keep a well thought structured answer ready about what you have done during the last three assignments that you have handled either in your work or during your articleship training. This should include what your points of learning and achievements.
  • You are almost certain to be asked questions pertaining to your strengths and weaknesses. Know your strengths and emphasize those that relate specifically to the position for which you are being considered. Be prepared to back up your claim. An interviewer can suddenly ask ‘How can you say that ? The real issue, and the only one at stake, is whether or not your prospective employer is willing to pay what you are worth. And, your worth is a functionof the job itself, your capability and your willingness to perform it.
  • In most organizations, there are clear parameters for a given job, a range of salary that is adjustable depending upon the market and the applicant’s experience in most cases, unless you are very good, you will have to work within those limits. But, within the limits, what you are worth is a matter of mutual agreement based on the knowledge of your worth and your ability to convince the person interviewing you. Know the range of compensation for the job you are seeking, make your own realistic assessment of what you are worth, and then be prepared to stand your ground.
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