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Please check out this new start up – a Professional Social Networking Website. Since the day of the launch, the very first question everyone has been asking is, “How is it different from this market monopoly? Why would I use iLook if I already have such a fantastic established website?”

Before explaining how iLook is different, we should explain why it is not necessary to be different!  When we thought of developing this website, we knew we were not going to re-invent the wheel but were very clear that it was going to be a wheel for another vehicle!

Life is full of choices, options and alternatives. One has the choice to do ‘Good’ deed or ‘Bad’. And there are million options to do either. The world is filled with choices whether it is natural existence or artificial, it doesn’t matter, the options are enormous. But when you are looking for an alternative option for Professional Networking, then you literally have no other choice – you are forced to use this only available website. Why don’t we have a choice here?

That choice, that option is ‘iLook’.

How is iLook different? Register your profile and find out for yourself !

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