JNTU R7 MBA-II Semester Regular Examinations ERP&MIS August 2009 Question Paper

Code No: 22010

MBA II Semester Regular Examinations August 2009
Time: 3hours        Max.Marks:60
Answer any FIVE questions
All questions carry equal marks

– – –

1.a)  Explain historical evolution of ERP
b)  Explain the reasons for the growth of ERP.

2. a) Explain the methodology adopted in implementing ERP.
b) Explain various factors to be considered for successful implementation of ERP

3. a) What is  Nolan stage hypothesis? Explain it
b) Explain Earl’s multiple methodology

4.a)  What is business process reengineering? How is BPR different from other related
b)  List and explain the different redesign principles of an enterprise.

5 . a) Explain major parts of financial accounting in SAP R/3.
b) Explain various events in sales and distribution system according to SAP R/3.

6. a)   What is OLAP? What are its strengths? Give the schematic diagram of
b) What is supply chain management (SCM)?  Explain the various aspects of SCM.

7.    Explain the features of the following systems
a)  Transaction Processing System.
b)   Strategic Information Systems

8. Write Short notes on any three of the following
a)   Integrated Data Model   b)   Social-Technical System approach,
c)  ERP proposal Evaluation  d) Benefits of ERP


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