LIC AAO Computer Awareness Questions Online Test

LIC AAO Computer Awareness Questions Online Test. LIC AAO 2016 Exam Computer Knowledge Question & Answers. Candidates those who have applied for the LIC AAO Examination 2016 can practice these questions.

LIC AAO Computer Awareness Online Quiz

1.  Which of the following is approximately equal to 1 billion bytes?

A.) bit

B.) megabyte

C.) gigabyte

D.) terabyte

E.) zettabyte

2.) ______  is the brain of a computer system?



C.) Memory

D.) Control Unit

E.) None of these

3.) Viruses that are triggered by the passage of time or on a certain date are called

A.) Boot-sector viruses

B.) Macro viruses

C.) Worms

D.) Time bombs

E.) Resident Viruses

4.) Who invented the World Wide Web (WWW)?

A.) Tim Berners-Lee

B.) Bill Gates

C.) Dennis Ritchie

D.) Larry Wall

E.) None of these

5.) Which of the following is not an Internet Browser?

A.) Internet Explorer

B.) Opera

C.) Netscape Navigator

D.) WordPress

E.) Mozilla Firefox

6.) Computers use which number system to store date and perform calculations?

A.) Octal

B.) Decimal

C.) Hexadecimal

D.) Binary

E.) None of the Above

7.) In a flowchart, processing is represented in a _______ shape?

A.) Diamond

B.) Elliptical

C.) Square

D.) Circle

E.) Rectangle

8.) Second Generation Computer uses which of the following___?

A.) Vacuum Tubes

B.) Silicon Chips

C.) Transistor

D.) Biochip

E.) None of these

9.) Which of the following is as Low Level Language?

A.) Java


C.) Fortran

D.) C, C++

E.) Assembly Language

10.) ______  connects LAN to Internet?

A.) Router

B.) Bridge

C.) Motherboard


E.) None of these

LIC AAO Computer Knowledge Questions


1.) C 2.) B 3.) D 4.) A 5.) D 6.) D 7.) E 8.) C 9.) E 10.) A

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