LIC AAO Computer Knowledge Online Quiz No.1

LIC AAO Computer Knowledge Online Quiz No.1. LIC AAO Online Practice Quiz for Computer Knowledge Section. Candidates those who have applied for the LIC Assistant Administrative Officer AAO can practice these quiz.

LIC AAO Computer Knowledge Online Test

1. Which of the following is the first high level programming language?

  1. C
  2. COBOL
  4. C++
  5. None of these

2. One Terabyte (1 TB) is equal to which of the following?

  1. 1028 GB
  2. 1012GB
  3. 1000 GB
  4. 1024 GB
  5. 1022 GB
3. The main directory of a disk is called the ____ directory?
  1. root
  2. sub
  3. folder
  4. network
  5. None of these

4. ______ is the full form of BCD?

  1. Binary Coded Decimal
  2. Bit Coded Decimal
  3. Binary Coded Digit
  4. Bit Coded Digit
  5. None of these
5. Servers are computers that provide resources to the other computers connected to a _ 
  1. Mainframe
  2. Network
  3. Super computer
  4. Client
  5. None of these


1. c   2.d   3.a    4. a   5.b

LIC AAO Computer Awareness Online Mock Quiz

We will update daily Computer Knowledge Questions for the preparation of LIC AAO Examination. follow our website for latest updates.

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