New Format for CAT 2011 (Common Admission Test),Revised Format for CAT 2011

CAT 2011 New Format, Common Admission Test 2011 New Format

** Three sections are reduced to two sections, No option of going back and forth,Additional grace time of five minutes(to tackle the test easily),Reduction in reporting time by 30 minutes, Three new test locations (Bhilai,Jammu and Dehradun)**

CAT, which is a common admission test to the 13 IIM’s and few other top B-schools (like Jain,MICA,T A Pai) has gone for a format makeover. Over the years,the number of questions being asked in CAT has been  decreasing steadily.Earlier CAT 1999 & CAT 2000 witnessed 165 questions each,whereas CAT 2001,CAT 2002,CAT 2003 had only 150 questions each,divided into 3 sections of 50 questions each.CAT 2004 had 123 questions & CAT 2005 had 90 questions..

But according to the official statement released by Prometric, and IIMS,CAT 2011 will have only two sections (though the number of questions is same as CAT 2010):

1. Quantitative  Ability & Data Interpretation

2. Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning

These two sections will be implemented sequentially but with separate time limits.CAT 2011 will be of 140 minutes. Candidates will have 70 minutes to answer 30 questions within each section,which will have an on-screen countdown timer.Once the time ends for the first section,they will move to thne second and will no longer be able to go back.

An additional five minutes have been added to the existing two and half hours,including a 15 minute tutorial which guide students through the process.

CAT 2011 will be conducted between October 22nd and November 18th,CAT 2011 will comprise of two sections instead of three,and an additional five minutes to handle the test (its just like a grace time to tackle the test).


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  1. Can we switch to next section if we complete first section before 70 min or we have to wait for the remaining minutes?

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