1. Who was the Prime Minister of Britain when India got Independence? 
a) Harold Wilson
b) Lloyd George 
c) Chamberlain 
d) Clement Atlee
Ans : D

2. The Acharya who established matths in all the four corners of India
a) Ramanuja 
b) Sankara 
c) Madhava 
d) Vallabha

Ans : B

3. Sir C.V.Raman was the first Nobel Laureate in Physics from the Indian Sub-continent.Who was the second?
a)Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
b) Dr.S.S.Bhatnagar 
c) Dr.Hargovind Khorana 
d)Prof.Abdus Salam of Pakistan
Ans : D

4. Free Indias First Education Minister was
a)M.C. Chagla
b) Maulana Kalam Azad 
c) Rafi Ahmed Kidwai
d) N.G.Ayyangar
Ans : B

5. Who was the first Viceroy of India ?
a)Lord Clive 
b)Lord Warren Hastings 
c)Lord Canning 
d)Lord Cornwallis
Ans : C

6. The servants of India society was founded by
a)Blavatsky & Olcott,1866 
b)Gopalkrishna Gokhale,1905 
d)Sir S.A.Khan,1920
Ans : B

7. Under whose Vice Royalty was Tipu Sultan Defeated
a)Lord Cornwallis 
b)Lord Wellesley 
c)Lord Hastings 
d)Lord Canning
Ans : B

8. The famous Al-Berauni is associated in Indian history with
b) Mohd.Ghori 
c)Mahmood of Ghazni 
d)Allau-ud-din Khilji.
Ans : C

9. Battle of Buxar was fought in the year
Ans : B

10. Kalidas was the court poet of
b)Chandragupta Maurya 
Ans : A

11. Battle of _______ is associated with Prithviraj & Mohammad Ghori
Ans : D

12.Second Battle of Panipat was fought in the year _________ ,headed by_________
Ans : C

13.The first round table conference was held under the vice royalty of Lord
Ans : B

14. Who was the last famous Hindu King?
Ans : A

15. Who is known as the Indian Napolean?
a) Chandragupta I 
b) Samudragupta 
c) Chandragupta II 
d) Skandagupta
Ans : B

16. The author of historical epithet ‘Rajtarangini” was
b) Kalidas 
c) Chanakya 
d) Banabhatta
Ans : A

17. The Kailashnath Temple at Ellora was built by the
a) Rashtrakutas 
b) Chalukyas 
c) Cholas 
d) Pallavas
Ans : A

18. Alexander defeated Porus at the bank of river Jhelum. This battle is famous as the battle of
c) Chausa 
d) Khanwa
Ans : B

19. Which governor General abolished the practice of sati?
a) Lord Dalhousie 
b) William Bentick 
c) Lord Cornwallis 
d) Lord Hastings
Ans : B

20. Lord Curzon is associated with which of the following events?
a) Hunter commission 
b) Doctrine of Lapse 
c) Partition of Bengal 
d) Jallianwala Bagh Tragedy
Ans : C

21. Gandhiji first started his Satyagraha Movement in
a) Peitermaritzberg , South Africa 
b) Sabarmati, India 
c) Johhanesberg, South Africa 
d) Dandi, India
Ans : C

22. The “veda” which deals with Ayurvedic system of medicine
b) Samveda 
c) Atharavaveda 
d) Yajurveda
Ans : C

23. The famous Economic Drain Theory was given by
a) Lord Lytton, 1876 
b) Swami dayanand,1875 
c) Dadabhai Naoroji,1876 
d) Lord Northbrook, 1876.
Ans : C

24.The capital of India Was shifted from Calcutta to Delhi in the Year
a) 1910 
b) 1911 
c) 1920 
d) 1919
Ans : B

25. Who, among the following , is known for his pioneering work on medicine during the Gupta period
a) Sudraka 
b) Sushruta 
c) Shaunaka 
d) Saumilla
Ans : B

26. Who was the founder of Indian National Congress ?
a) Dadabhai Naoroji 
b) A.O. Hume 
c) W.C. Banerji 
d) Badrudin Tyabji
Ans : B

27. Jalianwala Bagh Tragedy occurred in which of the following year?
c) 1920 
d) 1919
Ans : D

28. Brahmo Samaj was founded by
a)Raja Ram Mohan Roy 
b) Keshab Chandra Sen 
c) Swami Vivekanand 
d) Swami Dayanand
Ans : A

29. The policy was Subsidiary Alliance was started by
a) Lord Cornwallis 
b) Lord Welleseley 
c) Lord Canning 
d) Lord Hastings
Ans : B

30. The last Mughal Emperor was
a)Bahadur Shah II 
b) Shah Alam II 
c) Akbar II 
d) Alamgir II
Ans : A

31. Sir Thomas Roe was the ambassador of James I to the court of
b) Jahangir 
c) Shah Jahan 
d) Auranzeb
Ans : B

32.Vasco da Gama was a famous ______ traveler.
 a) Danish 
b) French 
c) Portugese 
d) Dutch
Ans : C

33. When was American Independence declared ?
c) 1736 
d) 1746
Ans : A

34. When did Hitler become Chancellor of Germany?
a) 1939 
b) 1936 
c) 1933 
d) 1930
Ans : C

35. The Industrial Revolution was to begin first in
a) USA 
b) Japan 
c) England 
d) (erstwhile)USSR
Ans : C

36. Who wrote Buddha Charita?
a) Bana Bhatta 
b) Ashva Ghosa 
c) Kalidasa 
d) Tulsidas
Ans : B

37.Where was the first factory by the Britishers set up in India in 1612?
a) Pondicherry 
b) Surat 
c) Cochin 
d) Calcutta
Ans : B

38. The principal language of the Dravidians was

a) Kannada 
b) Telugu 
c) Tamil 
d) Malayalam

Ans : B

39. In which year Ashoka fought the Kalinga War?
a) 58 B.C.
b) 78 B.C. 
c) 599 B.C. 
d) 261 B.C.
Ans : D

40. When was the Berlin Wall built? 
a) 1917 
c) 1921 
d) 1963
Ans : B

41. Which among the following is not the official language of the U.N.O.?
a) Spanish 
b) Arabic 
c) Chinese 
d) Japanese
Ans : D

42. Who suggested the name “United Nations ?
a) John.F.Kennedy 
b) Franklin D. Roosevelt 
c) Jimmy Carter 
d) Napolean Bonaparte
Ans : B

43. Which among the following is the U.N.Foundation Day?
a) 30th oct.1945 
b) 24th oct.1945 
c) 6th aug.1942 
d) 9th aug.1942
Ans : B

44. The term of office of a judge of the International Court of Justice is ______ years.
a) 3 
b) 5 
c) 7 
d) 9
Ans : D

45. The only Indian Woman who became President of the World Health Organisation so far was
a) R.K.Amrit Kaur 
b) Vijaylakshmi Pandit 
c)Sucheta Kriplani 
d) Sarojini Naidu
Ans : A

46. Who was the first secretary general of the United Nations?
 a) Kurt Waldheim of Austria 
b) Dag Hammarskjoeld of Sweden 
c) U. Thant of Burma 
d) Trygve Lie  of Norway.
Ans : D

47. The hundred sons of Dhritarashtra had one sister.What was her name?
a) Duhsala 
b) Trishala 
c) Kunti 
d) Madri
Ans : A

48. In Indian Mythology , who was the wife of Kubera?
a) Rambha 
c) Urvasi 
d) Lakshmi 
Ans : A

49. Which country was expelled from U.N. in 1992?
a) Czechoslovakia 
b) Yugoslovia 
c) Iraq 
d) Switzerland
Ans : B

50. Who compiled the Adi Granth?
a) Guru Nanak 
b) Guru Har Rai 
c) Guru Arjun Dev 
d) Guru Teg Bahadur
Ans : C


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