Roles in a GD


The major roles a candidates can play in a GD are as compiled below. You can classify all people in a GD into these. The first three roles are the positive roles that one can play in a GD and the next three roles are the negative roles. It is quite possible that a candidate plays more than one role in the same GD. The more a candidate sticks to the positive roles the better are the chances of his/her selection. The negative roles should be avoided and as soon as you realise that you are being seen as a negative role player you should try to mend your ways and switch over to a positive role at the earliest.

INITIATOR : Initiator as the names suggest is the person who sets the ball rolling. One must start the discussion if he/she has mastery over the subject being discussed or if he/she believes that she can do justice to the subject topic. Starting the discussion just for the sake of it may put you in soup. When you start the discussion there are very high chances that you get enough time to speak before you are interrupted by others. During this period chances of a chaos are very less and the evaluator has his full focus on you. You if you speak well you score some brownie points there, but if you don’t meet the evaluator expectation you are likely to give a bad impression and remember the evaluator has his undivided attention to what you are saying.

CO-ORDINATOR : The co-ordinator usually makes sure that each and every who is willing to speaks get a chance to speak. He is the one who takes the group out of a chaos in case a heated argument between two group members. He is usually the one who summarises the discussion at the end and in between helps others in putting the thought across. This is a very risky role to play as other candidates may not be happy as you trying to co-ordinate the whole event as presenting yourself as the leader of the group. If you have the human tacking skills and knowledge on the subject being discussed you are a sure shot winner if you play this role. You also need to be a good listener to play this role.

NATURAL LEADERS : Speaks elegantly on the subject, does not argue with others just for the sake of it, influences others with his mannerism and speech. Listens to what others are saying, accepts and encourages others to come out with different view points, provides relevant data and information to help others convey their points. Others are comfortable to follow the guidelines laid by him. The Co-ordinator usually looks to him at time of need and when the situation really gets out of control. This role can be adopted by person who has in depth knowledge, a balanced personality, clarity thoughts and ability to convey his thoughts in words . Highly recommended to members.

ANTAGONISER : This person assigns himself or someone else as the chairman of the group at the start of the discussion, starts giving orders to other, is a poor listener, tries to control the time duration each candidate speaks, shouts at others when they don’t listen to him/her, flaunts his past experience or education qualification, is dogmatic in expressing his views, uses intimidating gestures while talking and so on. If you play this role you are sure to be out of the game. This role is NOT Recommended for members.

FICKLER : He speaks for the sake of speaking, agrees with anyone and everyone. Contradicts his own statements, fails to present his ideas in a cohesive manner, lack rhythm in his speech, gets too emotional during the speech, abruptly starts talking when others are presenting their views or abruptly stops half way while talking. This role is NOT Recommended to members.

STUPID:  Takes no initiative to presents his/her views, is nervous, does not take any responsibility, is devoid of ideas, tries to find excuses for not contributing, pretends to be good listener and just repeats what other members said thus not contributing anything positive to the group.

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