RRB ASM Syllabus, Exam Pattern , Recruitment Process


Many students are asked for the RRB assistant station master exam syllabus in the comments…actually there is no such type of perfect syllabus  book given by RRB. they just given the topics related to which the questions generally asks in exam..topics are given below in the 3rd point…Read other RRB asm exam details related to the selection process below..prepare well for the exam.All the Best!!!!

Railway ASM Exam Syllabus Exam Pattern

1.The selection is made strictly as per merit, on the basis of single stage written examination. In addition, candidates equal to five times the number of vacancies according to community,
will be called for aptitude test which will be of qualifying nature. Short listed candidates will be called for verification of the original documents according to merit, availability of vacancies
and reservation rules.

2. There shall be negative marking in written examinations and marks shall be deducted for each wrong answer @1/3 of the allotted marks for each question.

3. The syllabus for the written examination will be generally in conformity with the educational standards prescribed for the posts.

The Questions will be of objective type with multiple answers and likely to include questions pertaining to General Awareness, Language General Hindi/General English , General Arithmetic, Analytical and Quantitative Skills and those subjects covered as part of minimum educational qualification for the post.

RRB Assistant Station Master Syllabus

The question paper will be in English, Hindi, Urdu and local languages and the duration of the examination will be 90 minutes with approximately 100 to 120 questions.

4 .The Railway Recruitment Board, at its discretion may hold additional written test(s) and/or aptitude test if considered necessary for all or for a limited number of candidates as may be
deemed fit by Railway Recruitment Board.

5 .The date, time and venue of the written examination and aptitude test will be fixed by the RRB and will be intimated to the eligible candidates in due course. Request for postponement
of the examination/aptitude test and  change of center/venue will not be entertained under any circumstance.

6. Stages of examination are given against each post. Based on the performance of candidates in the written examination and aptitude test, the candidates equal to the number of vacancies
will be called for document verification in the main list. In addition 30% extra candidates are also called as standby candidates and they are considered for empanelment only if there is
shortfall in empanelment from the main list. During document verification, the candidates will have to produce their original certificates. No additional time will be given and the candidature
of the candidates not producing their original certificates on the date of verification is liable to be forfeited.

7.The appointment of selected candidates is subject to his/her passing requisite Medical Fitness Test to be conducted by the Railway Administration, final verification of educational and
community certificate and verification of antecedent/character of the candidate.




347 thoughts on “RRB ASM Syllabus, Exam Pattern , Recruitment Process

  1. Thank you for the valuable information…can you please say the distribution of marks in the exam pattern

  2. Hi Friends,
    Myself Senthilkumar from RRB Chennai . Anyone from Chennai got the following set of questions which contains the Blue seal. These are the questions that i can remember it out. Please share ur comments and attempt to this questions and expected marks.


    1. In which of the following atmospheric layer aeroplanes can fly without any disturbances – Stratosphere
    2. Which is Landlocked State in the following – Bihar
    3. Summer Soltice occurs – June 21
    4. Mohini Attam is a dance form of which Indian state – kerala
    5. Colbbert National Park is located at which state – Uttrakhand
    6. 66 1/2″ N L line is otherwise known as – Artic Circle
    7. The total no of planets in the solar system is – 8
    8. The Largest(heaviest) Planet in the solar system is – Jupiter
    9. Indragandhi International Airport is located at – NewDelhi
    10. Pakstrait seperates which of the two nations – India & Srilanka


    1. Disease Caused by the Bacteria – Ringworm
    2. To every action there is equal and opposite reaction – Newtons law
    3. Impulse is equal to – Force * time
    4. Protein deficiency disease – Marasmus
    5. Which of the following is made up of only carbon – Graphite
    6. Cinnabar is an ore of – Mercury


    1. The members of RajyaSabha are elected for the period of – 6 Years
    2. The word ” Secular & Socialist” were added to the constitution in the – 42nd ammendment
    3. If no President and Vice President available who will took charges of duties – Cheif Justice of India
    4. Retirement ages for the Supremecourt Judges will be – 65 years
    5. Fundamental duties article no is – 51A


    1. The art of Painting was Developed highly in the period of which Mughal Emperor – Jahangir
    2. The First President of Indian National Congress – WC Bannerjee


    1. Jnanpith award for the year 2012 is won by – Bharadwaj
    2. 2016 olympics will be held in – Rio-de-genero
    3. what is the density of people in India according to 2011 census – 382 per sq.km
    4. who is the 14th finance commission chairman – Y.V Reddy
    5. Maximum Limit for the Noncreamy Layer of other Backward Classes will be – Rs 6 Lakhs
    6. World Environmental Day is celebrated on – June 5
    7. 58th Filmfare award Best Actresses won by – VidyaBalan


    1. .0009/.001 will be equal to – 0.9
    2. In a city the Total population is 40,000. Every year it increases by 5%. What will be the total population at the end of 2 years. – 44100
    3. In a School the average weight of 7 Students are 45. when a teacher is added to that group the average increases by 3. then what will be the weight of that teacher – 69 kg
    4. Find the Next no in the following Series : 1,2,3,5,8,13,21,?,55 – 34
    5. Find the odd one out : July, August, May, April — April
    6. Raju is taller than Ramu; Rahim is taller than Ramu & shorter than Raju. Arun is Shorter than Rahim & taller than Ramu. Then who will be the Shorterst in the list – Ramu
    7. Between 3 and 50 find how many numbers that are exactly divisible by 7 and not by 3. – 5
    8. Find the LCM of 6,12,24,36,48 – 288

    I have answered 4 questions wrongly in the exam and attempted 79 questions . Is there any outside chances of getting into the railways. Please share ur comments and expected marks of u.

  3. hi frnds,
    Im from chennai rrb and attended only 68 questions out of 120 where 5 of them are wrong. any chances for next stage? i got a blue set question paper which was tough. pls share ur comments and expected cutoff.

  4. gud aftn sir,i have cleared my asm preliminary exam 2013 in rrb chennai. i will have main exam on aug 18 so i need main exam stage 2 previous year question paper or model papers for asm post.plz send through below email-id
    [email protected]

  5. Sir , i have cleared asm first stage exam and preparing for second stage
    pls sent me pepar pattern and syllabus for same
    pls sir
    and if i don’t have A-2 eyes then it could be problem for me not

  6. hi thank u for helping aspirants, as other candidates even i too as qualified in first round can u please mail me the information r solved qp of second tier exams please thanking u

  7. SIR , kindly request you to plz send asm 2 stage exam syallbus & qustion paper pattern if..
    Thank u sir…

  8. hi one doubt,

    before prelims exam i applied for the post of ASM…now in preference i gave ASM in 6th spot….is there compulsory to put as 1ST PREFERENCE..PLS REPLY

  9. Sir i have passed ASM 1st stage Exam. so plz send me asm main exam model question paper and syllabus plz sir

  10. Dear Sir/Madam
    I am requesting you to send RRB ASM second stage exam syllabus/prev question paper.

  11. Please send the previous years question paper for ASM post in RRB, for second stage exam.

  12. hi could you pls send me the previous yrs question parers of asm it would be really help full thank you

  13. Hello,

    Plz send me at least one previous paper of ASM Exam of RRB. I have also qualified for mains of 03/2012 RRB. thnks

  14. Sir plz send me second stage rrb asm syllabus details & previous. Question papers thanks

  15. Sir,

    I have passed ASM 1st Stage Exam,
    I request you to send us the 2nd State Exam Model Question Paper, Please

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