SCCL Junior Assistant Examination 2015 Question Paper with Key held on 11-10-2015

SCCL Junior Assistant Examination 2015 Question Paper with Key held on 11-10-2015. SCCL Junior Assistant 2015 Exam Memory based question paper with answers. Singareni Collieries Company Limited SCCL Junior Assistant Written Examination held on 11th October 2015. Candidates those who have appeared for the SCCL Junior Assistant 2015 Examination can check the answers from below.

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SCCL Junior Assistant Exam 11-10-2015 Question Paper & Key

1. Indian science Congress 2015 was held in?- Mumbai
2. National Science Centre was located at- New Delhi
3. FIFA 2015 women champions- USA
4. Qutubshahi ruler during invasion of Aurangazeb in 1687- AbulHasan
5. Nayakas in Kakathiya Administration- Military Heads
6. Nizam who prohibited Vatti- Osman Ali khan
7. Shanti SwarupBhatnagar Awards are presented by – Council of science and industrial research.
8. Osmania University was founded in – 1918
9. BRICS 2015 summit- Russia
10. Planning commission was replaced by – NITI Aayog.
11. Rajyasabha members were elected by- Elected members of legislative assembly
12. First lime time achievement in field of cinema- Ashok Kumar
13. Golden peacock award 2015- Delhi International Airport
14. East Indian Association was established by- Dada BaiNauroji.
15. India signed Mou with which country for Railway connectivity- Myanmar.
16. Ghatikas- Brahmanic educational institutions
17. Doctrine of Jainism- Syadvada
18.Start up india stand up India as announced by PM is in field of- Enetrpreneurship
19. Programme for restoring all the tanks and lakes in Telangana- Mission Kakathiya. 20. New country in the world- South Sudan
21. Mughal ruler who prohibited sati- Akbar
22. Last ruler of Mughal dynasty- Bahadur Shah
23. Who does not received Padma Vibushan 2015- Jagdish
24. 2022 Winter Olympics- Beijing
25. Hind Swaraj Author- M.K. Gandhi
26. Who introduces Persian festival Nauroz- Balban
27. Which crop was introduced by Portugese in India- Tobacco 28. First Chief of Indian army- Rajendrasingh
29. Gilt edge markets- Government securities
30. Numismatics- Study of Coins
31. Blast in Brahma temple – Thailand
32. Tableaux award 2015- Maharashtra
33. Amukthamalyada was about- Poetry
34. AbignanaShakuntalam was written by- Kalidas
35. Kakatiyas were feudatories of- Chalukyas.
36. First deity of sangam age- Shiva
37. Mahabalipuram was built during- Narasimhavarma I
38. Cholas royal emblem- Tiger
39. Which king has the title of EKABRAHMANA- Gautamiputrashatakar­ni
40. Relative humidity is measured by – Hygrometer
41. World Trade centre attack in- 2001
42. First Indian president of UN General Assembly- VijayalakshmiPandit
43. Rotavirus vaccine launched by Pm- Rotavac
44. International Yoga day- June 21st
45. Army Day- January 15th
46. Komarambheem tribe- Gond 47. Indira Gandi award for best debut director- AdityaVikramsen 48. Man of Tournament of World Cup 2015- Michel starc.
49. Durand cup- Football.
50. Pressure cooker cooks fast because- With increase in pressure the boiling point increases.
51. Who is the partner of Leander Paes in mixed doubles of Australian open- Martina Hingis.
52. Which year was announced by finance ministry in budget as AmrutMahotsav- 2022.
53. Who propagated Ashoka to Buddhism-upagupta
54. India’s first Scorpene submarine- INS KALVARI
55. Water day- March 22
56. National Youth Day is celebrated in India on 12 January on the birthday of- Swami Vivekananda
57.White City of Rajasthan – Udaipur
58. Robin hood of Telangana- sarvai papanna.
59. India signed agreement with which international body for national cyclone risk mitigation programme- World Bank
60. Why is Iodine used in salt- To prevent from thyroid gland problem.
61. First atomic power reactor of India- Tarapur.
62. Oldest Mountain ranges- Aravalli
63. Lee Kuan Yew is the father of which country?- Singapore
64. The first CNG gas train between – rewari – rothak.
65. SAARC in – 1985.
66. Which is not search Engine – Safari.
67. Which is also used as EMail. – Outlook.
68. Which symbol is used in all Excell formulas. ans =
69. SQL stands for – Structured Query Language.
70. Who ruled before Kakatiyas – Yadavas.
71. Which vegetable that Chinese decided to digest the food – potato.
72. Entomology- study of Insects.
73. Ozone layer resists – Uv Ray’s.
74. P V Narsimha Rao University – Veterinary University.

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  1. singareni junior assistant exam question.
    A can do a work in 4 days and B can do the same work in 8 days. A and B worked 2 days together. Then A left from work.Then how many days B can complete remaing work?


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