The selection procedures are as follows:-
(a) The candidates will be called for Service Selection Board (SSB) interviews at Bangalore/ Bhopal/Coimbatore between Feb 10 to May 10 according to their choice of cadre and their performance in BE/B Tech. Degree. Short-listing of candidates will be done on the basis of the cut off percentage decided by IHQ-MoD (Navy) for each cadre. No communication will be entertained on this account. A candidate not making to the cut-off %age of his 1st choice will be considered for his 2nd or 3rd choice, provided the candidates meets the cutoff for that particular cadre.

(b) Conduct of SSB. Stage I test consisting of Officer Intelligence Rating Test(OI&R Test), Picture Perception and Discussion test(PDPT) will be conducted on the first day. Candidate who fails to qualify in Stage I will be routed back home on the same day. Stage II tests will comprise of Psychological testing, Group Task, Group Discussion and Personal Interview. No compensation will be paid in case of any injury sustained as a result of tests. The duration of SSB will be 05 days Successful candidates will thereafter undergo Special Medical Examination for approximate duration of 05 days at nearest military hospital.

(c) Change of SSB centre is not permissible. Any correspondence regarding change of SSB dates is to be addressed to the Call-up Officer of the concerned SSB. Award of fresh dates, would be subject to availability of date and batches at SSB centre.

(d) Candidates recommended by the SSBs and declared medically fit, will be appointed for training in order of All India Merit depending on the number of vacancies.

(e) Return 2nd Class Sleeper rail fare is admissible for the SSB interview, if appearing for the first time for the entry.


The training is scheduled to commence in Jul 2010 at Naval Academy Ezhimala.

Candidates finally selected for Tech (GS) Branch & Naval Architecture Cadre will be inducted as officers in the rank of Sub Lieutenant and undergo 20 weeks Naval Orientation Course at the Naval Academy, Ezhimala, followed by professional training in Naval Ships and Training Establishments. Full pay & allowances are admissible to officers whilst under training. They will be on probation for a period of two years, during which they are liableto be discharged if their performance is unsatisfactory.

Candidates finally selected for Submarine Cadre, will be inducted as officers in the rank of Sub Lieutenant and undergo Naval Orientation Course at the Naval Academy, Ezhimala, Kerala followed by professional training in other Naval Training Establishments/Ships. On completion of the training the candidates will have to pass Submarine Qualifying Board.

The candidate who fail to qualify in the Submarine Qualifying Board will not be retained in service. Full pay and allowances are admissible to officers, whilst under training. They will be on probation for a period of two years, during which they are liable to be discharged, if their performance is unsatisfactory. In addition, the candidates will be entitled for Submarine Pay and allowances upto Rs.14,000/- per month, only after qualifying the Submarine Qualifying Board.

Only unmarried candidates are eligible for training. Any candidate who is found to be married or marries while under training will be discharged and shall be liable to refund full pay & allowances drawn by him and other expenditure incurred on him by the Government. 14. Life in Navy is full of challenges and adventures. Navy provides some of the finest training facilities, which will turn you in to a skilled professional, mentally agile and physically fit officer. Naval Architecture officer’s career in navy is interspersed with technical courses up to post-graduation level in India/abroad.


Tech (GS): Branch Technical officer is responsible to maintain modern ships, aircraft and their associated weapons/sensors systems. He also gets an opportunity to work ashore, in one of the most advanced Naval Dockyards and indigenous production units of the Navy.

Submarine Cadre: As a Submarine Technical Officer you will be responsible to run & maintain modern submarines and its weapon systems. You would get professional satisfaction of maintaining hi-tech machines with state-of-the-art weapon control systems, computer controlled machinery and awesome fire power. On successful completion of the rigorous training conducted at different training establishments, you will be a proud possessor of ‘Dolphin Badge’ and become a member of a very elite arm of the Navy.

Naval Architecture Cadre: Naval Architects specialize in warship and Submarine constructions. A Naval Architect in involve in design, construction, quality, control, repair and new construction work of Naval vessels. In no other career, an Architecture Officer gets exposed to such wide developments. The Naval Architecture Cadre offers excellent opportunities to keep abreast of the advancement in ship building technology.



  1. how the IHQ-MOD(navy) are decided the cut-off?
    which basis they are decide cut off?
    plz suggest me fast

  2. sir now im studying 7th semester in engineering.. Am i eligible to apply for technical officer (UES) 2014 recruitment….

  3. Dear Sir,, I have been selected for Navy SSB at Banglore, on 21 feb,2013 i have to report there. I want to know- Will there be any PABT (Pilot Apptitude Battery Test) as my preference was for Pilot and i got selected for SSB under UES-Pilot…
    Please Help, I have to leave from delhi on 19 feb,2013,.
    Please b fast in response,,

  4. Sir i got selected for ssb interview and i.m confused that how i should book tickets in railway because i’m in chennai i have to atten interview in bhopal plz help me;)

  5. Sir i’m pursuing degree in computer science and engineering, i want to join indian navy.
    you please give the instruction for join the Navy….

    Thank you sir

  6. how can i come to know about mt ssb call letter , its neither there on web site nor any
    call letter has been to my address . What can i do so as to get the call letter .Please suggest..

  7. Am finished engineering computer science(be cse) 2011 pass out sir. What application am fill up for officier interview sir am from tamil nadu number +919952675816

  8. SIR,
    I’m having ma ssb interview at 6th of feb …but ive ma GATE exams on 12th so im in big confusion ,i dont know which has to be chosen please give me a solution..

  9. Sir,

    I haven’t received my SSB call up letter. but my name is in the list displayed by your visit.
    Sir I wanted to know what can i do in this case as my SSB date is fast approaching.
    Thank You

  10. sir,
    now i am parsuing Eng. with (C.S.) I wont to join navy technical
    sir please give me gide for futer
    THank you

  11. Dear Sir,
    I’have Cleaded Nda Writted Enterance Test My Roll No Is 079675
    Please Let Me know When Will Be My SSB Interviews & From Where I Can Get Coaching
    Please Do Fast
    Thanking You

  12. respected sir i am doing my b tech final year in mechanical engineering.Indian navy is coming to your college.So please say me how to prepare for that exm

  13. Respected sir,
    I my doing my final year..i want to join in navy. so, please tell me the jobs offered under permanent commission as well as for short commission. and what is the procedure for applying…

  14. Respected sir,

    I hav got selected for SSB interview in Naval. Suggest me some books and guide me as this is my first SSB.

  15. mr. suresh,first of fall this is your first call of defence and you have required of the any coching institute for SSB,like as bhopal( for SSB),this coching for only 14days session. so join and changed your thinking………as a Team Leader.

  16. Respected sir,
    I got interview call for SSB at 4th July(Coimbatore) in Tech (GS) Branch & Naval Architecture Cadre. But I don’t know how to prepare further. Please help me to get exact direction.

    thanking you sir.

  17. Respected sir,
    I got interview call for SSB at 8th June(Coimbatore) in Tech (GS) Branch & Naval Architecture Cadre. But I don’t know how to prepare further. Please help me to get exact direction.

    thanking you sir.

  18. sir.
    i receive ur sms for ssb call for 19th may,but i didnt receive any call sir wt i do…………..
    my contact no is 8128962283

  19. respected sir,
    I have got a SMS for ssb call for 19th april, at bangalore but i didn’t receive call letter by post. And i don’t find callletter on internet,so what could i do?
    Please suggest me at my email or at my no.-09636393598

  20. I am appearing for ISC Examination and want to enrol into Naval 10+2 B. Tech Permenant Commission and want to enrol immediately after my results.

    Please suggest me the ways and also let me know the date of SSB Exams and whether the Student of Class XII undergoing ISC can takepart.

  21. Respected sir,
    I got interview call for SSB at 5th March(Coimbatore) in Tech (GS) Branch & Naval Architecture Cadre. But I don’t know how to prepare further. Please help me to get exact direction.

    thanking you sir.

  22. sir,
    I am having my SSB interview on 16th mar(Banglore). But I dont know how to prapare further. Please help me to get exact direction.
    Thank You.

  23. sir i have a doubt that i have under gone an operation(stomach) few year ego, now i am totally fit so, am i able to appear in the indian navy through ssb selection & considere as medically fit? sir please clearify it. i am thankfull to you.

  24. Respected sir,
    I am having my SSB interview at 27th Feb(Bhopal). But I dont know how to prapare further. Please help me to get exact direction.
    Thank You.

  25. Respected sir
    my name is rahul jadhav i have done ITI. in electrical so i want to ask you how can i apply in indian navy

  26. sir i’m selected in indian navy campus recritment strategy for ssb.i’m getting a golden opportunity to face ssb. si could u please give me suggestions about how to face ssb and books regarding this.
    thank you sir.

  27. sir i’m selected in campus recruitment strategy of indian navy. i’m getting the golden opportunity to face indian navy’s ssb. sir could you provide me details about how should i prepare fo ssb.
    sir pls give sugessions regarding books and preparations.
    thank you sir…..

  28. Sir, i was selected for ssb interview……………
    i may recieve call latter in jan 1st week……..
    so how i can prepare,and give best suggestions 4 get in.
    suggest books 4 preparatoins…..
    thanking you sir.

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