Banking jobs are the hot favorite among job seekers even during this period of economic recession and job cuts. The reasons being job security, stable pay, growth prospects .Since Indian banks have performed well compared to American and European peers, the demand for officers, executives, clerks is still seen in Indian job market. But how to prepare for a job in bank?

We have compiled some important points which would be useful for all those who wish to take up bank exams.

1) If you are determined for a job in bank, preparations for exams must be started well in advance. Most bank exams have common sections like Aptitude, Logical, so its better you start from them. Clerk Exams & PO Exams have these papers.

2) Practice using model or previous question papers; it could help in giving an outline of the exam structure. Try to work out the questions atleast thrice, which will boost your confidence level to answer. Mock tests might help to bring down the fear before taking up the exam.Make use of guides & bank exam books while preparing

3) Having decided to appear for exams of a specific bank, research about the bank, management, core business areas, branches, mission, achievements and recognitions is necessary. This helps you in Interview , Group discussion & in written examination.

4) Apart from preparing specifically for bank exams, be attentive about up-to-date happenings by reading newspapers. Stay alert on issues pertaining to banks and its business. Watching business news channels will provide a more inside view on various topics.

5) Be bold in expressing your views, if given a chance –since you could be appointed the next manager!


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