JNTU examiner views and some tips on how to write exam

Hello students,

I know that many of you have got exam jitters, hope these tips will help you..

It is very easy to get good marks in jntu exams, only when you know how..

Firstly, Don’t think that you can pass the exams by repeating the question papers or filling the additional with some idiotic stuff.. It is wrong.. please leave this misconception, It wont take you anywhere..

Impress the examiner with your handwriting (It is not mandatory to have a beautiful handwriting, but at least have a hand writing that everyone understands),
Next, show him that you have got some interest in giving the exam and that you have stuff in your brain by writing stuff from textbooks.. Dont write your exams for the sake of anyone, write them to prove your capability..

Never follow All in one answers, examiners have enough brains to find out where your answers come from.. so, at least try to draw diagrams and tabular columns from textbooks..

Use all in one when you wont find the topics in textbook, try to find out answers to all the questions in all in one from text books.., there is no guarantee for all in one answers , follow it at your own risk..

Use colour pens (no red, no green dude!!) to make your paper more attractive.. Don’t overdo it so that it becomes a greeting card instead of exam paper!!

Concentrate on the chapters that are easy for you, but if you have not studied anything till today, then try learning the units with less content.. I mean units with less topics..

*** Important point..

Almost all examiners come to evaluate scripts for the sake of money, they get 12/- per script, each bundle contains 40 scripts, so examiner’s concentration is to complete the bundles in the minimum possible time, your answer script is glanced hardly for a minute, so draw his attention towards the related equations, related diagrams and related side headings by using colours or putting them in a box..

*If you are asked to solve a problem and you have got no idea about it, then at least write the given data, you might be lucky enough to get two marks..

*Revision is very important.. don’t forget to revise everything you read, if not everything then at least the diagrams and equations..

* never leave any question, you are asked to write five questions try to write five, If you know only three answers then try to write stuff related to the asked question for the remaining two answers.. In this case, If you write the first three answers from text book, there are more chances of getting good marks as the examiner will be in an impression that you are intelligent, thats the reason I asked you earlier to read from textbooks..

**Do you find it difficult to revise for exams when you have so many subjects and things to remember? If the answer is yes, then you’re not alone!

These tips should help.

1. Find out the exact dates of your exams. You will know how much time you have left before each exam. It might help to draw up a table which includes all your subjects and all the weeks you have until the last exam, and then fill in the exam dates.

2. Prioritise your subjects. If you think you have most to do in networks that is your weakest subject then this will be top priority. Put all your subjects in an order from most to least important.

3. Decide on a revision plan which will work for you. How many hours do you need to do of a night? Do you have other commitments you can’t get out of? Leave some time for breaks,meals and free time but ensure you have a good time slot each night for revision.

4. Fill in your revision timetable in with your subjects, and use your priority list to give the most important ones more revision time.

5. Stick to this timetable! speaking from experience, if you decide to focus solely on one or two subjects because you think you know the others, you will get a nasty shock. Don’t ignore any of the subjects, but ensure you have a balance where your priority subjects have the lead.

6. Begin by revising all the material which you don’t know as well. There is no point in beginning to revise the transistors in electonics if you are pretty confident in it. You may find that also prioritising each individual subjects modules or topics helps you. Therefore if you run out of time you will know that you have definitely revised the hardest stuff!

7. Actually attempt to remember the material. It sounds stupid but most of the time people are tempted to spend all their revision time just reading or writing and assume that they know it all. Never assume; If you assume you know it without actually testing yourself on it then you might get a shock in the exam…

Never give up – easier said than done.. right, but giving up only makes you more of a failure when you don’t get the marks you wanted for your exam. You will
always have the guilt of knowing you didn’t try your hardest.

Everyone learns differently; you just have to discover how is the best way for you. But in the end it all comes down to testing yourself, so you can be sure you know it!

You may not achieve the marks you expected. Know in yourself what you are capable of achieving so you don’t set your targets too high. Don’t settle for lower marks than your ability either though, just know your ability and do your best.

• Revision isn’t fun – receiving your pass result is.

• Never compare yourself to your friends. They are not you. we are all different. Just do your best and be happy with that.

Have faith in yourself and do your best, you will definitely pass with flying


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  1. sanjay says:

    Sir, how to guess external exam papers to 4 sets?

  2. shaik AARIF says:

    sir’ I didn’t understand fem’s very tough subject…so, how i will pass in these subject…2mmarow in my exam..i don’t understand fem derivations and problems..give me some tips!

  3. Y. Niharika says:

    Sir how to prepare for ppl in 3-1 sem it’s really so tough to me please help me

  4. Md salman qurashi says:

    Use diagram and dark lines

  5. Navin says:

    Excellent sir thanks you

  6. Nikhita says:

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  7. DivyaTeja says:

    Very Helpfull.


  8. Pragathi reddy says:

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  9. sairam says:

    excellent and extraordinary tips
    thank u so much

  10. Ravi says:

    Good suggestions

  11. Mahesh says:

    They r not correction papers they will give only lucky numbers

  12. suman says:

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  13. Nabi says:

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  14. Ahmad says:

    Thanks a lot on these tips. I always tend to lose marks on the presentation of the paper. Hope this helps.

  15. roshan says:

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  16. kalyani says:

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  21. suraj says:

    thanks it was help ful for alot
    I am joining btech this year so i m browsing some tip it is good i ll definetly follow it
    thankyou very much

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  24. Sumana says:

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