TSGENCO AE 2015 Electrical Question Paper with Key held on 14th November 2015

TSGENCO AE 2015 Electrical Question Paper with Key held on 14th November 2015. TSGENCO Assistant Engineer AE 2015 Question Paper with Answers examination held on 14-11-2015. Candidates those who have appeared for the TSGENCO AE 2015 (Electrical) examination can check the answers given below and also share the correct answers known to you in the comments section.

TSGENCO AE 2015 Answer Key Held on 14-11-2015

General Awareness and Numerical Ability:

1.  Find the remainder when 2^31 is divided by 7?

Ans: 2

2.  Air Marshak  S.B. Deo is appointed as the new chief of Western Air Command of Indian Air Force?

3. Best Hindi Film Award in the 62nd National Film Awards has been given to – Queen

4. Dronachara Award is given for excellence in the field of – Coaching in Sport

5. Which of the Following is used in Pencil?  Graphite

6. You could tell the time by he because he always _____ work at exactly the same time every day?

  1. ends  2. ended  3. finish  4. finishes

7. Which is the Correct expression?

  1. Joe’s the person with who I am angry
  2. Joe’s the person with whom I am angry
  3. Joe’s the person I am angry on
  4. Joe’s the person who I am angry

8. Name the author of  ‘Basavapuranam’.

–  Palkuri Somanath

9. Who built the famous “Ramappa Temple” located at Palampet.

 –  Recherla Rudra

10. Identify the Peshwa and Famous engineer of Muhammad Quli – Qutub Shah, Who has designed the plan of Hyderabad.

–  Mir-Momin- Astrabadi

11. What is the Standard ‘Currency’ of Golconda Kingdom.

– Halisikka

12. Which of the following Programming Languages are considered as low level language?

  1. BASIC, COBOL, Fortron
  2. C. C++
  3. Assembly Language
  4. Prolog

13. Basic building blocks for a digital circuit is

  1. CMOS
  2. DMOS
  3. BIOS
  4. Logic Gates

14. A digital signature is

  • a bit string giving identify of correspondent
  • a unique identification of a sender
  • an authentication of an electronic record by typing it uniquely to a key only a sender knows
  • an encrypted signature of a sender

Section-A: Electrical Engineering  (Set – C)

  1. The Slip of 400V, three phase, 4-pole induction motor when rotating at 1440 rpm is

 – 4 Percent

2. Torque Developed by a three phase 400V, induction motor is 100 N-m. If the applied voltage is reduced to 200 V, the Developed Torque will be

– 25 N-m

3. A delta-connected  400V, 50 HZ,  three – phase induction motor when started direct – on – line takes a starting current of 30A. When the motor is started through star-delta starter, the starting current will be

 – 10A

4. Stepper Motors are used in –  Printers

5. In a Thyristor DC Chopper, Which type of commutation results in best performance?

– Current Commutation

6. When the firing angle α of a single phase, fully controlled rectifier feeding constant direct current into a load is 30 degrees, the displacement power factor             of the rectifier is ?

–   √3/2

7. A 3-phase, fully controlled,converter is feeding power into a DC load at a constant current of 150 A, the rms value of the current flowing through each                  thyristor  of the converter is?

–  150/ √3

8. A Single phase voltage source square wave inverter feeds pure inductive load. The Wave form of the load current will be

– Triangular

9. A Voltage Source Inverter is normally employed when

– Source Inductance is Small and Load Inductance is Large

10. In Order to have a lower cost of Electrical Energy generation the load factor

– and the Diversity Factor both should be high

11. The Main criterion for selection of the size of a radial distribution system is

– Voltage Drop

12. The insulation resistance of a cable of length 10km is 1M Ω. For a length of 100 km of the same cable, the insulation resistance will be

– 0.1 M Ω

13. For a 500 Hz frequency excitation, a 50 km long power line will be modeled as

   –  Long line

14. Series capacitive compensation in EHV transmission line used to

– improve the stability of the system 


16. The severity of line – to – ground and three- phase faults at the terminals of unloaded synchronous generator is to be same. If the terminal Voltage is 1.0 pu and z1 = z2 = j 0.1 pu, z0= j0.05 pu for the alternator, then the required inductive reactance for neutral grounding is ?

–   0.0166 pu



19. The Most appropriate operating speed in rpm of the generator used in Thermal, Nuclear and Hydro-power plants would respectively be

–  3000, 3000  and 300

20. A large AC generator, supplying  power to an infinite bus, has a sudden short- circuit occuring at its terminals. Assuming the prime mover input and the voltage behind the transient reactance to remain constant immediately after the fault, acceleration of the generator rotor is

 – inversely proportional to the moment of inertia of the machine

21. If in a short transmission line, resistance and inductance are found to be equal and regulation appears to be zero, then the load will

– be 0.707 leading

22. Steady State Stability of a power systems is improved by

–  using double circuit line instead of single circuit line 

23. During a disturbance on a synchronous machine, the rotor swings form A to B before finally setting down to steady state at point C on the Power angle curve. The Speed of the machine during oscillation is synchronous at point(s)

 – A and B

24. If the Fault current is 2000A, the relay setting is 50% and CT ratio is 400:5, the plug setting multiplier will be ?

– 25 A

25. Reactance Relay is normally preferred for protection against

– earth faults

26. Which of the following statements is true?

  1. steady-state stability limit is greater than transient stability limit
  2. steady-state stability limit is equal to transient stability limit
  3. steady-state stability limit is less than the transient stability limit
  4. no generation can be made regarding the equality or otherwise of the steady – state stability limit and transient stability limit

27. To prevent mal-operation of differentially connected realy while energizing a transformer,the relay restraining coil is based with

 – Second harmonic current

28. A Lightening arrester connected between the line and earth in a power system

– protects the terminal equipment against travelling surges

29. Equal area criterion gives the information regarding

– Absolute Stability

30. The Storage battery generally used in electric power stations is

– lead acid battery

31. In a self-controlled synchronous motor fed from a variable frequency inverter

  1. the rotor poles invariably have damper windings
  2. there are stability problems
  3. the speed of the rotor decides stator frequency
  4. the frequency of the stator decides the rotor speed



34. If Stability error for step input and speed of response be the criteria for design, what controller would you recommend

  1. P Controller
  2. PD Controller
  3. PI Controller
  4. PID Controller

35. Which if the following theorems enables a number of voltage (or current) source to be combined directly into a single voltage (or Current) Source.

  1. Compensation Theorem
  2. reciprocity theorem
  3. superposition theorem
  4. Millman’s theorem


37. Power Station having Load factor = 70%, Capacity Factor = 50%, used factor = 60%, Maximum demand – 20 MW then annual energy production is

– 122.8 GWh

38. Boiler rating is usually defined in terms of

– Steam output in kg/hr

39. When inspection doors on the walls of boilers are opened, flame does not leap out because

–  Flame travels always in the direction of flow

40. The use of regenerator in a gas turbine cycle

–  increases both efficiency and output

41. Reheating in a gas turbine

 – increases the turbine work

42. In steam turbine terminology, diaphragm refers to

 – the ring of guide blades between rotors

43. In hydroelectric power plants

  1. both operating and initial cost are high
  2. both operating and initial cost are low
  3. operating cost is low and initial cost is high
  4. operating cost is high and initial cost is low

44. The function of a surge tank is to

–  relieve water hammer pressure in the penstock

45. The rankine cycle efficiency of steam power plant is – 30 -45%

46. In a series RLC high Q circuit, the current peaks at a frequency

– equal to the resonant frequency

47. Two port networks are connected in cascade. The parameters of the network are obtained by multiplying in individual

–  ABCD parameter matrix

48. The necessary and sufficient condition for a rational function of, T(s) to be driving point impedance of an RC network is that all poles and zeros should be

–  Simple and lie on the negative axis in the s-plane

49. A network contains linear resistors and ideal voltage sources. If values of all the resistors are doubles, then the voltage across each resistor will

  1. become half
  2. become double
  3. increase by four times
  4. not change

50. The number of independent loops for a network with n nodes and b branches is


51. A DC Voltage source is connected across a series RLC Circuit. Under steady- state conditions, the applied DC Voltage drops entirely across the

  1. R only
  2. L only
  3. C only
  4. R and L combination

58. An unshielded moving iron voltmeter is used to measure the voltage in an AC circuit. The stray DC magnetic field having a component along the axis will be

– either decreased or increased depending on the direction of the DC field

65. Piezoelectric Transducer is used to measur

 – displacement

66. Two non-inverting amplifiers, one having a unity gain and the other having a gain of twenty are made using identical operational amplifiers. As compared to the unity gain amplifier, the amplifier with gain twenty has

– less negative feedback

68. SCR is more utilized as compared to Triac because it is

  1. more capable in regard to control
  2. more efficient
  3. available with higher ratings
  4. comparatively cheaper

69. A 4 bit modulo- 16 ripple counter users JK flip-flop. If the progression delay of each flip-flop is 50 ns, the maximum clock frequency that can be used is equal to:  5 MHz

72. The core of a transformer is made of

  1. Silicon steel
  2. annealed copper
  3. seasoned wood
  4. aluminium

73. The core of a transformer is assembled with laminated sheets to reduce

  1. hysteresis loss
  2. eddy-current loss
  3. magnetic noise
  4. magnetizing current

75. An additional condition for paralled operation of three-phase transformers over single-phase transformers is that

  1. the transformers should belong to the same vector group
  2. ratios of the winding resistances to resistances for the transformers should be equal
  3. the transformers should have the same kVA ratings
  4. the transformers should not belong to the same vector group

76. In a DC machine, interpoles are used to

  1. neutralize the effect of armature reaction in the interpolar region
  2. generate more induced emf in the armature
  3. avoid interference of the armature flux with the main-field flux
  4. reduce the demagnetizing effect of armature reaction

77. The function of a brush and commutator arrangement in a dc motor is to

  1. produce unidirectional torue
  2. produce unidirectional current in the armature
  3. held in changing the direction of rotation of the armature
  4. reduce sparking

78. Aluminium is not used as winding wire for the armature of a dc machine because

  1. aluminium has low resistivity
  2. a large winding space is taken by aluminium conductors and creates jointing problems
  3. the thermal conductivity of aluminium is low
  4. aluminium has low conductivity as compared to copper

79. The induced emf in the armature of a lap-wound four-pole dc machine having 100 armature conductors rotating at 600 rpm and with 1 Wb flux per pole is

 – 1000V

80. A 400V, 50 Hz three-phase induction motor rotates at 1440 rpm on full-load. The motor is wound for

– 4 Poles

Note:  Kindly check answers if any mistakes found in the above answers pleased notify us through comments. Share the Correct Answers known to you…

TSGENCO AE 2015 Question Paper with Answer Key held on 14-11-2015


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