VRO Arithmetic Skills Model Paper 2012


After several modifications the latest recruitment notification released by the government of Andhra Pradesh mentions that written examination for VRO & VRA posts is post poned to 19-Feb-2012,which comprises of three sections namely General Studies,Arithmetic Skills,Logical Skills.As known,out of these three sections arithmetic skills section is a scoring section consisting of 30 questions.These questions will be based on the topics covered in your 10th & Intermediate classes.These 30 questions,,each question carrying 1 mark need to be solved in 30 minutes.Here in this post you can find the VRO VRA Model paper-Arithmetic Skills,prepared on basis of previous papers.


1(3) 2(2) 3(2) 4(4) 5(3) 6(4) 7(3) 8(1) 9(4) 10(1) 11(4) 12(3) 13(4) 14(4) 15(1) 16(4) 17(4) 18(4) 19(4) 20(1) 21(3) 22(4) 23(2) 24(4) 25(D) 26(C) 27(B) 28(C) 29(A) 30(A)


  1. well its surprising to see the paper in telugu ….. well its better late than never ……..atleast u have been king enough to have brought to our notice…………

    warm regards.

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